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  1. You can get from suprem5 coral shop in jurong east
  2. I think you can find most of the things you want at Ah beng aquarium. Relatively cheap over there.
  3. You could add lawnmower/algae blenny. Very useful in cleaning up hair algae.
  4. Haha yea... no matter how much i feed, the shrimp will always be hungry. Eating like its on a race. [emoji28]
  5. I put in rotifers for the corals to eat. And the banggai will also eat it too
  6. Hi. Bought the wrong item. Only used 5%. Selling at $20
  7. Yea.. i read about that too. Guess my fish wasn't doing too well. RIP. Thanks for the double confirmation.
  8. It was the other way around. Shrimp attacked fish. And i feed my tank regularly
  9. Hi. Is it normal for a skunk shrimp to kill a fish even before its dead? My banggai cardinal fish was not doing too well i think? Was swimming too slow and trying to "rest" on the bottom. Then the shrimp came along and grab it while it was still alive. Thought it wanted to clean the parasites off of it but instead it started flipping the fish and eating its eyes out. Damn brutal...
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