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  1. As per header, selling timer, $15/each. good condition, used about 3 months only. Pick up ubi area. RFS: Upgraded to electronic timers.
  2. Up. Open to slight nego for serious buyers!
  3. Bought May 10th this year, still under warranty. Used only about 4 months. Very good item, quite easy to clean for a gyre and relatively quiet too (compared to other brands). But not required for me anymore as I have too many other wave makers. Have already cleaned it up somewhat, looks and performs well. Almost new. See pics. Retail $370, selling $300.
  4. Def answer my qn thank you!
  5. Hey, just wanted to ask, how do you know you used too much AB+ and that that was the reason your sps were killed?
  6. As per title. Please see pics. Pretty much new condition. Invoice date is 3 Sep 2021, so under warranty. Just bought to try for a few days. PM if interested, thank you.
  7. Haha yep it’s not too bad for me, still ok. Yea imo Arctica is probably the “best”’ of the currently available chillers. Except drop in coil I think that is best-est, lol.
  8. The 1/10 is supposedly rated for 490L, so with the reefer 350 at approx 345L, it is supposed to be sufficient. My tank is in an air-con environment during the day, or at least when I’m there, so I would say it works fine. About 2-3 hours kick in one time, lasting about 30-40mins to cool. But if no aircon, it takes quite abit more time to cool, maybe 45-50mins, and kicks in more often too, maybe 1-2 hours, depending on light intensity and overall ambient temperature. Rainy days better, etc. In hindsight I would probably should have gotten one size up. I think the rating for 490L if no intense light is ok. But I’m running T5s and LED, so current 1/10 is slightly underpowered imo.
  9. Hey! I ended up with and Arctica DBA-075 instead. Had good experience with Arctica in the past. Plus if any issues they can do servicing on site. Running a Varios 2 as the chiller pump, lowest setting. Performance wise not much complaints. Able to chill my water volume approx 345L (reefer 350) at 26.5c setting fairly efficiently.
  10. Thanks! Yea I ended up getting another reef octopus and it’s almost dead silent, happy with it!
  11. Hi guys, looking for small black sea cucumber. Preferably smaller than about 5 inches. Slightly bigger is maybe ok. Please PM if you have one to let go!
  12. Yea I've had the same light spill problem. Not exactly sure who to look for if you need someone do do it for you. But if you DIY, it might be a lot cheaper. eg. one big board of 2440 x 1220 is about $35 if I recall correctly, and the shop can cut it for you $1 per cut. http://dama.com.sg/product/pvc/ I DIY-ed mine and happy with results. You can use acrylic or PVC foam. I used PVC foam 5mm version as PVC foam is much lighter and you can use PVC glue to bond so it's pretty secure. I ended up only using less than half the 2440 x 1220 board. For mine as its a long fixture I added hinges (strong double sided tape to attach) for easy access. See pic.
  13. Hi guys! Thanks for your responses. Yea I did buy a calibration solution (brightwell). But even so, using the same calibration solution, at different room temperatures (aircon vs no aircon), my refractometer is giving me different salinity values (about 2 ppt difference which is too big difference imo). My refractometer is supposed to be auto temp correct, but just doubting that now. Thinking of trying another salinity measurement device but wondering if I should get another refractometer, or another type of device altogether (eg. Hydrometer/Hanna/Milwaukee). But I'm not sure which is "most accurate", and preferable "most consistent" as well.
  14. Hi guys, just wanted to take a poll on how does everyone measure salinity? Hydrometer, refractometer and/or digital units like Hanna/Milwaukee? How is your experience with your respective device? I’m personally using a refractometer from FnM, but I’m starting to question its accuracy. Eg. Exact same tank water or separate calibration fluid will measure slightly different salinity (33ppt vs 35ppt) at different temperatures. It’s supposed to be ATC (auto correct), but doesn’t seem to be working as it’s supposed to be. Thinking of getting another refractometer (eg. DD) or another type of salinity measurement device. Can anyone share their experience and if anyone is using more than one type and care to share which seems to be a more accurate device and why?
  15. both sold and collected. thanks all for interest.
  16. Importing any livestock will generally require licenses. Will probably not be possible, and yea better that you look locally in Guangzhou if you're based there. I suppose you can check out Yue He Pets Market in Guangzhou? See section starting from 2.49: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiGhgblv10o
  17. Actually also have another Salifert phosphate test kit. That one at least 90%, used only 3 times I think. Will post photo tomorrow. $10 also. Take both $18.
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