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Found 5 results

  1. Hi fellow reefers, I've got quite an experience with freshwater planted tanks, including larger system with a sump like setup, a very high PAR tanks with no algae issues (with precise nutrient & water chemistry control), complex filtration etc., and now I feel kinda ready for a saltwater setup. This is supposed to be a mixed reef where I plan to start with some easiest species and gradually evolve it as I learn more to more delicate fishes & LPS & SPS over a few years time. The question for this topic is whether I should got with a 5x2x2 ft tank which is much more convenient space wise, or shall I squeeze in 6x2x2 ft if it will offer much more flexibility in the future. I'm reading contradictory advices, some folks say 5 ft vs 6 ft is a huge difference, some say it's more or less the same. 5 ft fits perfectly in my room, 6 ft is a tight fit, but I'd go for it is it is a real difference. I'm just planning as of now, nothing is bought yet, so other dimension suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
  2. Dear VIPs of ABA, In case you do not know, below are the top 4 services we provide! 1. Water Change (Natural filtered Sea water) + Glass cleaning. We provide up to 100% water change for you without the need to worry about spilling. Not only that, we will also help to wipe away the nasty algae formed on your glass! Information required: Size of your tank, Location and amount of water needed! 2. ALL IN ONE Tank setup. Ever want to have a dream tank that has a high chance of succeeding without any headache? Not only we will educate you what's required for reefing, we can also provide the things you need to build your tank from scratch! Just let us know your budget and we will advise and build your dream tank as you required! No hidden cost. We will advise within your budget and if better equipment is required, we will let you know too! NO HIDDEN COST. Information required: Budget, Tank size and what kind of corals/fishes you want to keep. 3. Aquascaping service. We can supply you liverock/dry rock and dead rock for scaping and help you fulfil your desired shape. Show us a picture of the kind of scape you want or inspire to build, and let us know what corals/fishes you would like to keep. We can also package our corals that's enough to fully fill your tank. Information required: Tank size and type of corals you want. 4. Maintainence service. As we know maintainence is a TIRING chore, why don't you leave it to ABA! We will help you to maintain your tank weekly by helping you to do basic water test and help you tune your dosing. We also help to clean or water change if required, else we will replenish the chemical your tank is lacking of! Information required: Picture of your tank and tank size. Tell us which service you require. (Can be done through facebook messenger!) Example: Service number 2 to build a customise tank. Give us your budget, tank size, cabinet maximum height size, and we will plan the rest for you (equipment, livestock if needed and seawater or salt mix) Thank you for your kind attention. Management of Ah Beng Aquarium Ah Beng Aquarium 471 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389430 +6597761341 https://goo.gl/maps/j3huxhENw6eNsGcN8
  3. Hi Bros and Sis, NEW-biee here on Marine Tank. It has been a couple of months since I started to have interest on Marine tanks. Looking at pictures, following threads and finally made up my mind to setup one. After visiting AQUARAMA 2015, it infuriated my longing to have like and so I started buying the necessary equipments. It has been a past few days that I ordered my tank, (long weekend) finally it will be delivered tomorrow. I know that I could be guided by experienced reefers out there. I admire the patience and efforts to the marine tank hobbyists. And I hope I could be like one someday. And so my journey starts. Below, my is my setup. Feel free to comment. It will be fully appreciated. Cheers REEFERS! TANK ANS Opti COMBI50 Set w/ Overflow + Sump filter 50 x 45cm Total Dimension : 53 x 46.5 x 136cm Opti Tank w/ Overflow : 50 x 45 x 50cm (10mm thick glass) Black Sit in Cabinet Sump Filter Tank : 45 x 36 x 45cm Tank approximately 112.5 liters ( 28.9 US gallons) Sump: 72.5 liters ( 18.7 US gallons) Return Pump JEBAO DC-6000 DC pump with speed controller DC6000 – from 1800 litre to 6000 litres Skimmer Bubble- Magus C5.5 Pump : ROCK SP2000 Power : 220V/110V ,16W Air intake : 520L/H Size :220*140*520MM Capacity :300L -500L Chiller Resun CL- 650 1/4 HP Wave Maker JEBAO RW-4 Wavemaker 4000l/h Light ODYSSEA EVO Led 18" 27W Skyblue ( LED 10000K and LED Actinic Blue Mix) Filtration Media 1. sock with Matrix by Seachem 2. Blue Wool 3. Activated Charcoal 4. OceanFree Pro Filter series (3M Nuggets) 5. Sinopore intensive bio ring Additives/ Bacteria SeaChem Head Start conditioning pack *Prime- 3ml/ 30 gal *Stability - 14 ml/ 112.5 liter (1st day), 7 mls x 7days, 7mls/monthly *Clarity - 7mls when necessary Substrate CaribSea Arag-Alive 20 lbs Fiji-pink 0.5- 1.5 mm Live Rock OceanSing Cured Live-Rock 15kg
  4. Hi all, I've decided to keeping a marine fish tank. totally no experience in this because i only use to keep freshwater fish. I've gotten quotes from various supplier, the estimated cost for a 3 X 2 X 2 full system tank with a full height cabinet ranges from 3-4k. however, these packages does not comes with a chiller. How are the prices? am i being carroted? I want to keep corals so i guess chiller is essential?? but i dont plan on stocking too heavily on it as i'm still a newbie, so im looking at like just a few maybe 2-3 soft corals . anyway, one of the supplier quoted me 3k with no chiller, but i noticed his tanks has those soft corals im planing to keep. he explained that those are anemone and i have to hand feed them. actually what is the main difference between soft corals and anemone? i still have to feed the corals right? and it's a bit difficult for me to understand why does soft corals need a chiller but a tank with anemone do not. Hope somebody can enlighten me. (originally posted at DIY forum, realized it is more appropriate here)
  5. Hi Guys, New to the hobby, I have a question on chiller, how many HP must the chiller be for 4ft x 2ft x 2.5ftht tank? The brand I'm looking at is Arctica. Thanks in advance.
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