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Found 14 results

  1. Hi fellow reefers, I've got quite an experience with freshwater planted tanks, including larger system with a sump like setup, a very high PAR tanks with no algae issues (with precise nutrient & water chemistry control), complex filtration etc., and now I feel kinda ready for a saltwater setup. This is supposed to be a mixed reef where I plan to start with some easiest species and gradually evolve it as I learn more to more delicate fishes & LPS & SPS over a few years time. The question for this topic is whether I should got with a 5x2x2 ft tank which is much more convenient space wise, or shall I squeeze in 6x2x2 ft if it will offer much more flexibility in the future. I'm reading contradictory advices, some folks say 5 ft vs 6 ft is a huge difference, some say it's more or less the same. 5 ft fits perfectly in my room, 6 ft is a tight fit, but I'd go for it is it is a real difference. I'm just planning as of now, nothing is bought yet, so other dimension suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
  2. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read through. Whats the Atlantis, Atlantis is what i named my Red Sea Reefer 350. Why name it Atlantis ? Atlantis has always fascinated me. And The Red Sea Reefer being my current dream tank build, the only thing i could think of naming is was The Atlantis. I bought my Reefer 350 second hand from a fellow reefer. The tank was only used for a few months, 5 months to be exact. Well the tank was collected today. And i did the delivery myself. So i guess ill start this thread by writing my experience on how the delivery was done, and what you guys could learn from my mistakes. My friend and i, yes 2 people. We went down to collect the tank, in my van. Lesson no 1, have more help. Despite the tank weighing 64kg, we had issues carrying it. issues faced was lifting the tank up higher due to the piping, instead of sliding it off the cabinet. Second issue faced was loading it into the van. It was an issue because again of the piping we could not slide it in and had to carefully place it. Now my van isnt that big. Its just enough to fit a 4 ft tank. Second issue faced, i decided i did not want to dismantle the cabinet and that we just put it in the van standing. Well it did fit, but due to the size of my van, it was just nice about 5-6 cm away from the door closing in. And the sump tank was just kissing the cabinet. In my opinion, get more people to help. Also have some boxes or cloths to protect the tanks, because when i was driving, there were instances i had to brake hard, and in one of those breaks the sump slide forward and hit the tank. Luckily nothing happened, we stopped over at the patrol pump, got everything placed properly again and put cardboards between them just incase Once the tank was home, it was a breeze to set up. Firstly the previous reefer had already set up the overflow pipes for me. All i had to do was fix the drainage, emergency drainage and return. Now the tank sits, while its Rocks, salts, sands and biomedia come. Also going to do a leak test before filling it up with salt water.
  3. As attached photo. Brand new. $50. 1000ml collection sengkang contact 97451145
  4. 2 packets. Brand new. $16 each or $30 for both. Collection Sengkang Contact 97451145
  5. CR-140 $380 Bought 1st nov with warranty from FnM, unbox but unused. Intend to use it in sump but it doesn't fit. CR can be used internally / externally. MIlwaukee Ph controller $150 bought new used for 3 months, kept it while I stopped the hobby. Got an apex controller now so I don't need it anymore. 5L co2 tank with co2 art regulator from UK $150 Take the whole set at $650 *individual price also indicated PM to discuss, viewing at Tampines.
  6. Hi everyone I've been doing loads of research on reefing and I think I'm finally ready in terms of knowledge and commitment level to get a reef tank. I dunno about the rest but when I dream I dream big, so I was planning to get a 6ft tank and work around it. However I'm quite put off with the price I'm quoted at a few shops. And I'm not quite sure what brand of equipments I should look into. i plan to get a sump that has a calcium reactor, protein skimmer, and a refugirium ( not sure if that's the way to spell ) I don't plan to add sand into the tank due to me reading up about the difficulties in adding sand. ( maybe someone can give me some pointers ) I know I definitely need to get a RO/di unit unless I buy those water which honestly doesn't seem wise to me. Secondly I think I'll also need to get an air con compressor drop in coil to cool my tank off ( maybe not at initial phrase but the moment I'm gg to add in fishes and corals I'll have to have this ) anyone has has cost saving methods ? Would buying second hand items be good ? Thanks daniel here
  7. Guys, I have 10 sets of the above item for sale, each at $3/-, note that it's for 10mm tubing, interested pls pm, collect at Punggol.
  8. wtg DD iodine test kit. since its a given free, please make full use of it. Collection woodlands drv 75
  9. Bubble Magus T01 Dosing pump with Box (3 Channels) Condition: Brand New Bought it a while ago, but haven't had the chance to try it and now i'm convinced to try out calcium reactors hence selling it. Letting it go at $250/- Plus FOC Ca Mg Kh Supplements! All yours with purchase of the dosing unit: Please PM to arrange Location: Tampines
  10. Hi, Selling one new bucket of 20kg SKIMZ PUR Reef Marine Salt at $58. Cash and carry at my place, Jurong West Street 72. PM me if interested.
  11. Guys, anyone hv the above for sell near punggol area? Sengkang, hougang or pasir ris also can.
  12. Got this as a prize.. but will not be using.. Retail price EX 4 is $248 from website. Will be selling @ $190. Collect at woodlands drv 75.
  13. Hi snr, Anyone can advise why healthy fish missing one after another, I suspected Crabs and started to trap them. So far caught a few small hairy crab not bigger than 1/2 inch. However still have fish missing. First is my 1" Blue Tang, Next was my 2" Flame Angel. And another 3 smaller fishes. All eating and very healthy fishes. No trace of their remain etc....I suspect some BIG hitchhiker Yesterday, I took out every pcs of LF and dip into Fresh Water, again manage to catch 3 small hairy crab. I hope that the end of my era. Pray hard.... Or anyone have similar experience and can share your removal method....thks regards TonyL
  14. Hi Friends,; I am happy to announce that I too now belong to the marine aquaria community . I have been keeping fresh water fishes since past 15 years and now just changed to marine setup yesterday. I have purchased live rocks, fishes and sea water from a guy who was selling off his marine tank. His tank was quite old hence decided not to buy. I have used the sellers salt water as it was being recycled since 1+ year, so thought it was stable enuf to put in the fishes. Now the question is I don't have much knowledge about water quality and water changes. Can you please guide me? My questions: 1. My tank temp is 29 degrees Celsius and Salinity reads at 1.025/1.026. Is this fine? What would be ideal? 2. What do I need to understand while testing the water quality. I am using the Water Testing strips. Is anyone using them to advice? 3. How often do I need to change the tank water or top up? And can I use normal tap water to top up with anti chlorine if salinity is high? If salinity is low how much salt do I need to mix?? Thanks, Mohammed.
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