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  1. it is whitebar mystery wrasse or five bar wrasse. is reef safe and live in deep water, strong, easy to keep. i took this photo in Hong Kong, which is HK$9xx.
  2. In HK, Mimic Tang cost around hk$300~$350
  3. Hi Bro, I think u angel is smokey lemonpeel, but 0.75" is cutie.
  4. how much of this mimic tang u think
  5. what is the price of flame angel, pls PM to me.
  6. could anyone post the pic of those beautiful corals and fishes, pls?
  7. although the 2 power points is along the same stretch of wall , and they maybe connected to the 15A~20A fuse jumper, u better connect u aquarium equipments seperated to two electric extension units with 13A fuse each.
  8. As the chiller start, the Ampere will go peak and more than the chiller state at a short moment, them it will become normal, u should mention it.
  9. Any Nano tank success to keep SPS?
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