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  1. hi, anyone has one to let go? If so, please drop me a message, thank you.
  2. Reactor been sold and collected by a nice reefer. Thank you for all your interests. Please close the thread.
  3. Bought from Madpetz but found it too huge or tall for my tank. Used only for 2 days. Asking for $50, self collect at Sembawang. Please message me at 96245824 if keen.
  4. Mind dropping me a text should you have any for sale? Please sms/whatsapp me at 9624582Four. Thank you.
  5. Doing spring cleaning and realised have these elbows for the chiller. FOC but do self collect from Sembawang. PM me by Xmas else will just dump them away, naturally first come first serve.
  6. Have the following to sell, at way below market rate so as to clear asap. (1) Deionizer, generally these are so much bigger than those we use in RO/DI Units. Have 2 to let do, both have been cleaned, asking for $20 each. (2) T5 Caps, brand new, have 6 to let go. $20 for all. If you are able to take all items, $50. All items are to be self-collect at Sembawang. Please PM for more details.
  7. Mod please close this thread as have already collected from a bro here. Thanks
  8. As above, please drop me a sms or whatsapp should you have one to let go. thank you. alan
  9. update item (1), (3) and (5) have been collected.
  10. Been pretty busy this week, hence despite quite a number of requests for photos, was not unable to do it. Have found 1 MP10 wet side !!! Have a couple of brand new accessories for the wet side for MP40 too. Asking all for $300 neg.
  11. Another round of spring cleaning and discovered some gems:- (1) Eheim Double Tap Connector (16/22), all used. have 4 in all, but one of it does not have the grey coloured locking 'device' at the end of it - all for $50. (2) Eheim Single Tap Connector (16/22) - 3 brand new and 2 used. Take all for $50. (think each is about $25). (3) Several O-ring, do not know the dimensions but if memory dfd not fail me, they were spares for FRs and the old school beckett - FOC (4) Sure-grip magnet - used but no rust (at least didnt see any) - FOC (5) Tunze holder (guess it was to hold the
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