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  1. Sorry Randy, the blue Ring was reserved by others already. The fastest fingers goes to bro lorba! He's got the beautiful and healthy fishes! I believe the Tangs will like it in his 6.5ft fish tank! Thanks to all the bros who pn me.
  2. Hi folks, Buyer for all my Tangs backed out. They are up for sales again. I have to clear the equipment this sat so I have to do a very quick sale. I am selling all my Tangs (Yellow + Purple + Tomini + Blue + Sailfin) for only $100 for all these 5 fishes. The first person to PM me and can comfirm to collect at my home @ Punggol Central this Sat morning will get these beatiful fishes. Fastest fingers first!
  3. Upz for the remainder items. Ayone? Thanks.
  4. Hi bros, Update of the sale. 1) Live stock LR - $50 : Still available re-priced to $25 Saijfin Tang - reserved by Iand118 Yellow Tang - reserved by Iand118 Purple Tang - reserved by Iand118 Blue Tang - reserved by Iand118 Tomini Tang - reserved by Iand118 Blue Ring Angel - reserved by larzuz All the above had been with me for abour 1-2 years. All very healthy and disease free. 2) Equipment Tank - CR aquarium with lights - $150 : Still available re-priced to $50 Aquabee 200o pump 2 pieces - reserved by Solo77 AquaC Remora skimmer - reserved by Marcuss ATO Auto top-up system - reserved by stevenkoh08 Collection will be on the 4th Apr 09, Sat. This is because my Tangs buyer needs more time to prepare his tank. Hope that you understand. I will PM and sms you the address for collection by next Friday. Many thanks for your support! Cheers and God Bless.
  5. I will need sometime to sort out the PMs from some of you folks. After that, I will contact you individually to collect. Collection place will be at Punggol Central most likely on a weekend. Please bear with me as I have to sell away the LS before the equipment. All the LS are in good health, no diseases. Their diet is pellets and flakes soaked in garlic juice every night. All in good health. As I have received many PMs. I will give priority to those that take more at one time. Hope that you understand. Keep the PMs coming and I will start replying you probably tomorrow onwards. Thanks you for your patience. Cheers. Discliamer: I reserved the right to sell.
  6. Hi, I have the following to sell: 1) Live stock LR - $50 Saijfin Tang - $30 Yellow Tang - $35 Purple Tang - $35 Blue Tang - $30 Tomini Tang - $20 Blue Ring Angel - $40 All the above had been with me for abour 1-2 years. All very healthy and disease free. 2) Equipment Tank - CR aquarium with lights - $150 Aquabee 200o pump 2 pieces - $$50 each AquaC Remora skimmer - $100 ATO Auto top-up system - $50 I have some other miscellanous equipment and fish food to give away as well if you but something. Live stock have to clear before equipment. If you want to take all at one go, I can part all for just $500. Please pm me with your requests and contact number. I will get back to you as soon as I can Discliamer : I reserve the right to sell. Cheers
  7. Sorry off topic but I am also keen on getting a sohal. However, now I already have 1 purple tang, 1 yellow tang, 1 sailfin, 1 blue tang, 1 blue ring angel, 1 flame angel, 1 majestic angel, 1 yellow eye kole tang and 1 clown fish in my 4 footer. If I were to introduce a sohal now, do you think I will face problems? Thanks.
  8. Interested in your blue tang and blue ring, can I view first before buying? Thanks. 96568165 kokhui
  9. Mine is open top, no hood that is enclosed. Using a single fan and can maintain the temperatur from 27-28.5 degress Celsius.
  10. Aquabee is a good pump with low heat generation, noise and power consumption.
  11. Upz. Bidding end tonight 2359. Happy bidding. I will contact the highest bidder for collection after the bidding ends. Cheers
  12. I think it is 12G if I am not wrong. For pics can also check out the pics at Nano Reef sub forum thread from Chrisyew, similar one as his but without any modifications. Also forgot to add, I will also be budling this with the surface skimmer. Have fun bidding! Cheers.
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