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  1. how many VHS do you have to be transferred to VCD or DVD?I have a VCD recorder as well as a DVD recorder.Let me know how many you have.Maybe you provide the disc,I can help you to transfer if its not too many.you can PM me.
  2. actually it stated at the back of the agreement dated in 2001 that it would auto renew for another 2 yrs but customer can send in written notice to terminated it by giving 1 mth prior notice So i told them I will write in and take that 1 mth supply and close the account.They told me i can write in but it will take effect in yr 2007 after the agreement ended and he says it would be up to their management whether to accept out termination. walao,what?meaning i once ordered a bottle from you have to stay till I die? Anyway,today he told me the best the boss can offer me was,let me continue with them 6mths later (since i told them financially i couldnt afford distilled water so i want to stop,instead of letting them know I m taking from another company).I told them I will consider,I wouldnt be in singapore anymore 6mths later anyway hahaha
  3. actually,kieane also very chubby.He likes to sleep on my stomach.My elder kid told my hubby that kieane voted to move to Australia so he can have a kangeroo nanny to sleep in her pouch. But he is my little wombat cos he is very chubby
  4. I dont want to go tv lah haha cos before I go tv,I might have to spend thousands at Jean yip for makeover haha not worth it. Anyway the guy came over to the door,want to make me endorse an agreement that I still owe them 20 mths old contract and they can deserve the right till later date.I refused to sign and he kept standing there.I just kept the door closed. Then last week,he called me again and say their boss giving me a last chance and if I dont cooperate,if they go legal,I will regret.I told him he can go ahead.Didnt hear anything from them yet and hope wont be anymore.
  5. Juliet, Kieane and Devon both almost same weight,only 30g heavier than Devon.When I brought him to NTUC on the 3rd days,ppl asked how many month he is.Now He is 7weeks old,ppl asked me if he is 3 mths cos his head is very steady.I m sure Devon would be more chubbier than Kieane since she is on breastmilk.Keep posting her pic for update.She looks like your ah lao leh..
  6. I started to bring a smile to my son's face. He has wanted to have a 'nemo' tank since the movie but I refused as I do not want to 'kill' as I have no knowledge of it.It took me a yr to finally start the tank.Twice failed (wrong info given by LFS) and finally my tank consisting of 4 common clown,.a maroon clown,2 tiny blue tang,1 yellow angelfish is stable for over 6 mths now. The first LFS I went was at farmart.
  7. I feel regrets as I didnt spend much time with her lately as I have a newborn son to take care...when was the last time I sayang her?When I saw her trying to bark but no more sound coming out,its like a knife piercing through my heart.When I was all alone without any kid around me,all alone when I was in Indonesia when we just relocated there...she was my companion... she was my daughter's sled dog in Germany....one who protected her when she was at the playground... one who play with her and allowed her to sit on her like piggy ride...
  8. I am sure everyone of us come across heartbreaking moments. This evening, I just noticed that my rough collie turned mute. She is turning 15 yrs old on 30 Nov. 5yrs ago,we noticed she has some problem with her eyes.Vet certified that her tears duct is not working anymore so she undergo a surgery to remove her saliva duct to her left eye to subsitute her tear duct. In another word, whenever she sees food, the saliva duct in her left eyes would 'cry'... but 2 surgery proven it didnt work.So her eyesight started to slowly going worst since then. 3 yrs ago,she has problem walking and needed to be on long term medication for her joints and fortnightly injections. She was ordered to lose weight and on vet prescripted food.She lost 20kg in a few mths and now only weighing 12kg. early this yr,we noticed she cant hear with one side of her ear...we did tests and noticed that she couldnt hear us at all if we calling her from her left side. Tonight,I noticed.She doesnt have voice anymore...she barks but only hoarse sound was produced.... It seems like she is slowly leaving us bits by bits...thinking about this,I really couldnt bear to think anymore..
  9. I believe in if you keep thinking you are suay then everything that happened to you,you would blame it to the word 'suay' but if you think positive,you will start to feel not so suay anymore haha Its all in your mind. Regarding about 4 D.Let me share my story.For all in my life,once I strike 4D starter.Only won $150.I bought roast duck drum stick rice and chendol wanting to sit in front of tv to watch ch8 7pm series (I remember was happy fish?)...so I reached home,sat down,turn on tv...eh tv cant be on....aircon also leh....ended up guess what? maid says,there was lighning earlier,might have striked the house... won $150..havent even picked up the winning,1 aircon compressor,1desktop computer,129" tv,1 21" tv, 2dvd player,1vcr player,1LD player.....and my night of hotel stay! you do the calculation.worth the winning or not?
  10. Juliet, like I said before..do you have to be so 38? everything so detailed? Devon's first pic not appropriate lah...I m sure against her will to be posting ###### pic..even bros here shy,me see also paisay My kieane is a boy I also dont dare to post his ###### pics
  11. so far her songs are single hits.She looks good when she participated in Jack Neo's show but I guess they made her follow Ocean's style cos curiosity kills the cats.But I really doubt public goes for the looks lah if their songs are good.Of course with a good look would be bonus point.
  12. yup! thats why.Its easy to give birth but I m sure we dont want to produce scums,thats why its the responsibilties after birth.
  13. think about it this way.Marrying young and have family young doesnt mean dont get to enjoy married life. We enjoyed the married life with kids. And when the kids grow up and we are still not exactly that old,we still can go for our retirement tour. Not to forget,you needs to have plenty of energy to handles kids so if you have it when you are too old,you might find it straining your backbone. And about the lovey dovey part.Doesnt mean you dont have kids,you would be lovey dovey right? I have seen alot of couple becoming more and more lovey dovey as they grow old together.
  14. yup! haha thats the grip.Thats why I say,you lose some,you gain some.When I was stucked home watching over the kids,others are enjoying their youth but then again,when my kids are old enough,I would be on my worldtrip and those started late would be still home changing diapers got good and bad also.
  15. ok,I stay in the central area and also not sure if its the right snail I m bringing home from the beach.. I might drop by reborn these few days to get a few snails so bring the snails home and throw right into the tank right?dont need to feed them? In any case if the snails died,would it crash the tank?
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