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  1. Looking for used 1HP Daikin compressor. Tks
  2. Are this from the latest Aussie shipment from Aqumarine?
  3. Nowadays, lots of reefers will do this to get back what they buy and make quick bucks and yet have a Jem they wish for....sadly that’s a reap off...but then some will say “willing sellers willing buyers”... Quite different from the old days of true reefers.... peace...
  4. Hi, how much a frag of the Setosa? 98273928

  5. Is there a need for supplements? Don’t waste yr money on those so called supplements. U just need to check certain parameters will do such as Alk, Calcium and salinity. Just get a very good calcium reactor and Skimmer will do. Keep the temp within the range for yr SPS or LPS.
  6. I mean I’ve never came across such price...
  7. Is this the current price for True October?
  8. Looking for a used and good condition PF 601S calcium reactor. 98273928
  9. Observe some reefers will break up the coral into small frag pieces and sells it to recoup back what he pays for...and lots of feedbacks from the true reefers and retailers on their observation also...sad
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