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  1. Reminds me of the time I was working at an aquarium. Was sent on deliveries with the driver. 4 feet tanks were already darn tiring. Especially those old flats with lifts only on alternate floors..darn irritating!
  2. Oh well..the tank has been filled with water for about 1 year already..So far no problems. Should have added some bracings before I converted it to a marine. Oh well... hehe..Guess when it cracks or something I will just have to set up a new tank! -.-
  3. Blood shrimp seems more sensitive to water parameters. My friend bought 1 blood shrimp (Lysmata debelius) and 1 cleaner shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis) on the same day. Introduced them both to his cycled tank. The blood shrimp died but the cleaner shrimp did not. I guess it was due to specific gravity shock.
  4. Some species of angelfish. Not the dwarf varieties definitely. Surely one of those future big species. I can't really identify it...It still looks like a juvenile to me. When it grows bigger the patterns and colouring might change.
  5. Tanzy...What EviL deed are you plotting? LoLx
  6. Put the elephant ear into the blender for 1 second. Distribute the frags to us!
  7. Suggest that you make your tank totally escape proof. Feed it live small crabs.
  8. Are ghost pipefish as easy to keep as normal pipefish? I once saw them at Re****. Quite cool fishes. Saw them occassionally 'snapping' at micro-organisms. Think my tank can support them as it is rich in micros that you can see them even on the front glass. So far only 2 pipefish feeding on them. Recently their population seem to have doubled after I used DT's. Even tunicates started appearing!
  9. Oh..So that was you huh.. LoLx Anyway..my tank current relatively slow at most areas. My pipefish love swimming below the rock. Girdled quite easy to keep. I had one stable one always hunting during the day. Lived in my tank for about 2 months before it recently mysteriously disappeared. Hope it is somewhere in there. Like last time my yellow watchman goby went missing for 3 weeks before reappearing like a magician! Fishes are evil!
  10. Frogs and ricordeas are both soft. AHahhaha And some frogs are just as colorful too!
  11. My maroon always used to bite off some tentacles and eat them. Dunno if it's a bit crazy
  12. Reminds me of the time I bought a second hand teco for $500. Somehow it made ALOT of noise (so much so that I had to off it at night) and something went wrong with the compressor inside after only about 6 months. That time I was still young. Think only 17-18? Did'nt know who did the repairing for it. After some time of accumulating dust I stupidly threw it away. Ah well...if I had known I should have held on to it.
  13. Moon coral got alot of medium sized polyps one. If you are talking about the common brain coral, IMO it is just one BIG polyp.
  14. Buses that can go there are 197, 97, 198. Stop when you see Hong Leong (Big chunk of blue buildings with the Tiger Beer sign outside).
  15. Can always go Pasir Ris beach the mangrove areas during low tide to catch those small glass shrimp for your seahorse to eat. Beware of snakes though. They might seem small and cute. Was tempted to catch them before...But dun think I should risk it as I don't even know if they are venomous.
  16. I worse...once spent dunno how much on a frog. Could have bought 5 ricordeas. Argh...
  17. Put a rock next to the mushrooms at the side of your mushroom colony. Hopefully the mushrooms will move over themselves. Or the next time you see a mushroom dividing, quicken up the process by using a razor to make a clean cut along the spreading foot of the mushroom. Hopefully it would be easier to remove the 'daughter' mushroom then. Just try to gently ease the foot of the rock. You could try using a plastic card to do so.
  18. Hmmm...wow..your 4 footer seems so much bigger than mine. Think yours is much taller and wider... Anyway...nice tank!
  19. I bought my Janns from Re**** too. Also $10 for one. LCK was selling Janns for $15? Anyway..My Janns only appear more after my lights off...maybe my bright lights are blinding them during the day? Today I caught my smaller Janns snatching up one mysis. Think the big one should follow suit in no time. Btw...I bought a pair girdled pipefish (the one which looks more like an eel) to keep my lone girdled pipefish at home company. I bought a mated pair! They always stayed together. The male even had eggs on his belly. One weird thing though..they totally stayed around the same spot in the tank for days. They behaved very very differently from my other girdled pipefish in the tank. They were not even hunting for food...Just bumming around. After about 5 days both of them died. Sometimes I wonder how some fishes are caught and sold to Re****. Just observe the $10 Moorish Idols and you know what I mean. Anyway...i saw the multi-banded pipefish too. They still had 2 left on the day I went. But I did'nt have much $$ that day. So I just bought a $5 jawfish.
  20. Oh...both mine are Janns. Common names are very confusing. I was told they were called fire pipefish by the lady boss at LCK 110. Guess it's because they have orange body. I have kept normal banded pipefish before also. Both died long ago due to whitespot. Only 1 accepted frozen mysis. The other one content with eating the stuff in my tank. Kept them alive for about 6 weeks before the stupid white spot set in. Oh well..I got my Janns as I saw them swimming together. Thought they were a pair. Turns out they are both male! Oh well..lucky my tank long enough to break down some scuffling. Don't you just hate the pipefish hiding in the liverocks during the day? Hardly see them out in the open at all! If got bluestripe pipefish tell me ok?
  21. Wah...$1200. I must save for 12 weeks without even spending $1 to buy it. Or maybe some kind soul here as rich as bill gates can sponsor me one?
  22. I would suggest more white in your lighting. SPS and clams are'nt really deep water species. You can still have some blue though, for aesthetic purposes.
  23. I've had 2 fire pipefish in my tank for about 3 weeks already. They are quite shy. And I have not been feeding them anything. At night they can be seen prowling the tank and eating those small white organisms on my glass. So far I do not observe them losing weight. They seem rather happy on their current diet. Will this natural diet be good enough? They are not interested in thawed mysis or brine shrimp at all. Have not tried newly hatched bbs though...did'nt see a need.
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