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  1. Hi All, I have some boxes of water to clear . Dasani water in cartons of 24 x 600ml. If you live near, i can help arrange transport. Have 20 boxes to clear. All are sealed. Let me know if any of you need. Pm me for fast transaction.
  2. I think whether a question is logical or not depends on his understanding of the situation or have he experienced that particular situation or not. I think a simple and specific explanation will do, instead of asking pple to go and see doctor. Not very nice la. Like your friend Wongyeng who thinks you are a good person is able to come up with a nicely structured answer Staying calm is important in Reefing too...
  3. I can follow u on reading books although we do Google a lot more nowadays... I don't understand how seeing the doctor helps in reefing though. Care to explain?
  4. What about fishes like anthias and tangs that eat non stop? And newbies thought they hungry and keep feeding?
  5. What if I can 1 lionfish 1 seafan in a ten feet tank but I feed them plankton and market prawn every minute? Is that low bioload high nutrient? Just curious...
  6. I think this is still a forum for hobbyists and such disagreements should still be taken backstage although the intention is to warn new hobbyists, all these flaming seeds in bad feelings and repute into our hobby. My apologies to you too for dragging this up. But... Just stay happy and reef on
  7. Dear seller, while you were busy claiming dishonesty and unfair treatment. You yourself have been telling interested buyers that you topped up 300 per set of AI when the actual fact is you have topped up only 200 per set. (invoice in RD facebook shows that) to the Interested buyers, please think again.. To seller, please take a chill pill before flaming others.. besides, this is pples rice bowl you are talking about..
  8. those asking for picture, kindly pm me with your number and i will whatsapp you .
  9. 1.) clear glass tank,w/o ios (no green tint) (30cm x 18cb x 24cm), comes with top lid cover. used 2 months at $50 2.)Selling this chiller AL-30 that supports from 10litre-30litre. Used for 2 months. Still under local shop warranty. Price : $115, inclusive of a jebo nano pump. Pm me if interested or pictures, will be whatsapp. Thank You
  10. Thanks for sharing your tank here. following this thread.
  11. Hi all, want to buy the above if any is selling. maximum size is 30 by 15 by 15cm. Any size below that, i am interested. Thanks
  12. pm me if you need 1. i have a new 1 in the sales thread.
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