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  1. Just to provide some perspective of the abnormally, the diagram belong illustrate continuous drop of KH despite higher dose during light on.
  2. Thanks Mark. My overall tank volume including sump is around 450 liter which is probably around 118 gallon. I agree and not aiming to have a straight line. But rather, notice that my dosing is way out of the recommended range. I am using the calculator which you shared but just couldn't seem to get the reading to correlate to the actual value. The most concerning part is the speed of KH drop which again, seem to be abnormal. Tried to stop dosing for a day follow by only dosing KH at small value but it doesn't seem to gradually increase which is what I am hoping. I am taking the assumption that with minimum coral, assuming the tank will only consume less than 0.5dKH per day, if my dose is aim at 1dKH as per the calculator, i should see a gradual increase day by day and eventually, fine tube the dose to stabilize it. However, not able to achieve any logical approach to tackle this abnormally.
  3. Thanks for sharing. At this point, I am still clueless why my tank is taking so much KH. if precipitation take place, i presume CA will drop significantly as well which is not the case.
  4. Yes, self mixed based on the recommended ratio. Can you share your tank size and dosing ratio per day?
  5. I did calibrate it and kind of doubt it is the cause. Anyway, getting adding Hanna test kit just to compare the reading.
  6. Thanks for the advise. I stop dosing for a day at 12pm and the KH drop from 8.57 to 6.54. I tried to increase the KH by 0.5dKH and based on the dosing calculator, I should get 7 dKH by dosing 65ml of Aquaforest KH buffer. However, I notice that I can only get to 6.83 by dosing 65ml and when I add another 30ml dose, I can only get 6.89. The test are done 30mins after dose. Does it mean there is an issue with the KH buffer from Aquaforest?
  7. Hi, I restarted my 3ft tank 6 months ago and have started 2-part dosing for close to 2 months. I only have 2 SPS and 3 LPS at the moment. For my 2-part, I am using Aquaforest KH buffer, Calcium and Magnesium and have followed the instruction stated in the manual on the mix ratio. KH - 80g to 1 liter RO/DI Ca/Mg - 50g/ 20g to 1 liter RO/DI Hope to seek help and advise from the community on your experience with dosing 2 part and advise if I am doing this wrongly. Based on the low load/ coral, is it normal for my dosing to reach 600ml per day each? I have gradually increase my dosing starting from 20ml a day to close to 600ml in order to maintain the level as shown in the following graph. Is this normal or could precipitation be a reason that I need such a high dosage? I have been adjusting the dose gradually after 24-48 hours and during initial dose, my KH can easily drop 1dKH per day if I stop dosing and even with dosing of 300ml each per day, it can hardly reach 7.5dKH. Both Ca and KH are dose equally and controlled by APEX Dosing & Trident. Thanks in advance.
  8. This is the 3rd time I am resetting up my tank and hope this will be the last. Let the picture do the talking.
  9. The instruction indicate dose for 6 days and wait for 5 days. After the 11 day, did you continue to add any dose?
  10. Have a set of Radion XR15W G4 PRO with MULTI-LIGHT RMS (3ft tank) to let go. Selling as a set, no individual sale. RADION XR15W G4 PRO x 2 (Use for over a year, can't recall exact purchase date) ECOTECH RADION DIFFUSER XR15 x 2 ECOTECH MARINE MULTI LIGHT RMS SLIDE FOR G4 RADION LIGHT x 2 MULTI-LIGHT RMS hanging kit for 3ft tank (1 set) Both light were upgraded to support Mobius app. Letting go @ $888. Collection at Fernvale. PM if interested.
  11. Currently reserved, pending collection. Thanks for the PM.
  12. A: Big colony (Palm size) - $100 B: Frag - $40 Collection on weekday evening or weekend at Fernvale Road. For item A, please bring your own bucket/ big container. PM me if interested. I don’t login frequently so apologies for slow response.
  13. Does anyone know where to get mangrove plant for refugium?
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