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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I am setting up 5ftx 2ft x 2ft, I have plans to choose AI Hydra 52, kindly suggest the no of units needed for my tank setup, and I have planned to stock corals and fish Also suggest me if any cheaper choice for lighting other that Hydra Thanks in advance RSK
  2. Hello everyone! I am new to Singapore and looking to get a system built. I really appreciate any recommendations you may have for the following: Aquarium: Similar to the build quality and design of Redsea Reefer. The dimension of 36'' x 24'' x 24''. Crystal Clear / Starphire / Low Iron Glass, black overflow (in the tank, not in the back). Cabinet: This is where I am a bit picky. I am looking for solid wood finished in grey or expresso (not laminate). Contains two compartments with one for chiller and the other for the sump. Sump: Pretty standard, constant level skimmer chamber that can accommodate a Curve B10 Skimmer (16'' X 13'') Cabinet sample below. Thanks for your help!!!
  3. Now this a strange one.. Am having nuisance algae in my tank, hair algae as well as Cyano. Have dosed dr pohl + other algae medications. Have changed the water to nearly 90%. Have cleaned sand, sump, Refugium et al... But no effect... Have been scrapping the rocks thrice a week and have also had three days of zero light.. Algae does not stop. Any advise will help... Tank is 600 liters, has livestock like fish(15), four shrimps, sea hare, several crabs, several sand dollars, snails both sand and turbo, three bristle star fish, two sand starfish, several corals..
  4. the photo below show 6 days of skimming. Am i over skimming my tank. basic tank info. 230gal DT bm curve 9 skimmer 9 chromis 2 blue tang 2 tomato 1 maroon on iso box 1 gobby 1 cleaner shrimp few cuc 2 lps 8 soft corals 4 cubes frozen mysis per day few pellets for cuc and gobby phytoplankton twice a week weekly supplement iodine calcium reef traces
  5. Hi Guys. I've been a reefer before but its been more than 10 years since i last set up my tank. I just got my bought my house last year and after seeing this one gorgeous tank near to where i work i got instantly poisoned and it bring my passion for reefing back. Anyway to make it short im looking for setting up a tank now and im having some trouble deciding on some aspects even though ive already read and watched a lot of YT videos. Here are some of the questions. 1. Tank Size. Is there a big difference between 3ft and 4ft tank with the same width and height of 24"x18" in terms of maintenance, price, & water stability. I've only ask one Shop and it quoted me 700sgd for a 36"X24"X18" 10mm thick with a built in cabinet made of solid wood (laminated). is it a good price? 2. If i go for 3ft/4ft should i go for a sump? I want my tank to be as less maintenance as possible so ill probably only go for fish and a couple of easy to maintained corals ( i still have to do some research on this one) thats why im hesitating to get a sump even though most videos i've watched recommended it. 3. For my first buy besides for the tank/cabinet, a sump(if i decided to go), sand & rocks what are the most crucial items i should go first to start the curing. Im really excited to set this up. My target is to set up everything by the end of this month coz i want it up and running with LS before the december holidays. Thanks
  6. Hello fellow reefers, My father has forced me to decommision my tank till renovation has completed. As such, I have to find a temporary home for my corals. Could any reefer help me house my corals till about January? I have freshwater dipped the zoas. There are two brain corals a few zoa frags and a radioactive birdnest frag. I live in woodlands. So it would be preferable to have a reefer in the north. Just leave me your price. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  7. Hi guys I'm starting a new tank mid-end Nov and I need some feedback on my choice of equipment I've gathered some information already and I need some advice if its the right thing. I have a budget of $3k for equipment and around 5 feet of free space (the tanks probably going to be around 3 feet due to budget) Here's the information I've gathered: Tank 3ft*2ft*2ft Tank (2nd hand) ~$400 Lights DELightings T5 Retrofit II 2x 39w (3 feet) (x2) SGD240.00 (x2) $480.00 Tubes $120 Skimmer (unknown) ~$700 (2nd hand ~$300) Wave generator Tunze stream 6065+6085 $180+$240 =$420 (2nd hand) ~$210 Hailea chiller and pump Hailea 1/4 hp $450 Hailea - Water Pump HX6530 (1750L/H) SGD49.80 Return pump Reef Octopus Diablo DC Water Pump DC-3500 SGD140.00 Substrate Coral Sand Size no. 0 10kg x3 SGD10.00 x3 $30 Live rock $280 Dosing pumps (optional) Bubble-Magus 3-Way Dosing Pump SGD390.00 (2nd hand: ~$200) Total: $3250 (everything being new) $2520(when some of the things are second hand) (Sorry if it's messy ) Seniors and pros please post your opinions here thanks!
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