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Found 5 results

  1. After lurking the forum for a few years, allow me to share my reefing experience. This is my aquarium-in-progress. ACROPOLIS Acro: 1. (greek) the highest point; 2. Acropora, a genus of coral -polis: (greek) city This aquarium draws inspiration from the famous Acropolis of Athens. This scape reminds me of the majestic ruins on top of the acropolis, the meandering path climbing upwards, as well as the sprawling civic districts at its feet. Coincidentally, the name also can be interpreted as acropora city, a good fit of the corals home to this aquarium. I did not document the build and the transitions, but I would like to share my experience here. I'll start with the overall visions i have for this set up. My aquarium should be balanced-minimal. There must be large open space balanced by dense growth and complex structure. There must be large organisms balanced by fine details. Although minimalist is the characteristic of this aqua-scape, the balance is the soul. The feeding tube on the right side and the labyrinth on the left encourage fishes to adopt a more natural behavior. They will take advantage of the shelter in the main scape, only to venture out into open when opportunity (feeding) arises. This creates a interesting shifts in dynamic. The rock work is the skeletal foundation of the main "acropolis", but I want organic growth to obscure most of it. eventually the rock should be almost invisible. The tank is placed in the corner of the living room. Therefore it offers two-sided view. The aqua-scape needs to be well proportioned for both view; there should also be minimum clutter of equipment on the viewing side. Uniformity is over-rated. I want to direct flow at where flow is needed; shine light on where light is needed, give food to where the food is needed. Efficiency is the name of the game here. My reefing decision needs to be deliberate. if a hardware is setup in a certain way, I must be able to justify how it helps my tank to do better. This aquarium is still work-in-progress. Thank you for reading, and feedbacks.
  2. Hi Reefers, Am in the early stage of planning for an additional (new) 5ft mixed reef project.. and pretty much decided on going with dry rocks (or dry live rocks).. looking for tips/tricks/guidelines to achieve a nice looking tank. Have a few questions regarding rock/aquascaping: Surely I will need reef cement and glue, some suggested the use of zip ties but I am not really keen.. so would like to know the benefit of using it? Am going to get some new dry rocks, any benefits of using existing LR from my other tank? What about rocks sold in SRC Pasar Malam? Looking for good rock/aquascaping guidelines for my project.. Any other crucial Dos vs Don'ts that I should take note of? Appreciate all suggestions and recommendations. Thanks.
  3. Hi, would like to show some of my tank pic and please give some comments if you have. I started reefing for more than 10years and now trying on SPS. As i know keeping SPS is not easy as LPS but i manage to go through with some of the old timer coaching and advise. I still got a lot to learn..... My tank size: 5ft x 2ft x 2.5ft calcium reactor: reef manis lighting: 160w maxspect ,2 x 60w cree led(china), de lighting 54w x 2 2sets FR: two little fishes protein skimmer: deltec ap600 wave maker: tunez wavebox6215, DIY wavebox 6105, tunez 6045, hydro k 2. return pump: hailee Can't capture the true color. from top view. closer look. blue, red and green milli. my three best prata. brain & cy so call tri-color (purple, green & brown) red milli big colony red digi fibre optic pocci, fiji green pocci, purple death and ........... birdnest from bell. green acro started fraging
  4. Bought a new house more than a year ago and it took me that long to realize i have a good spot for reef tank right in front of me. I was originally looking at buying a used 4feet tank but didnt find any that suites my budget and likes in terms of design (specially the overflow design). Finally last month I've found a 5ft tank thats close to what im looking for and its been delivered to my place by sgbros. finish setting up. will add more pics...
  5. asg

    FTS @ 190914

    From the album: Update 22/09/14

    my 2*1*1 Red Yellow Blues mixed reef(?) tank.
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