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Found 12 results

  1. Starting your first marine tank. Overview to plan your equipment and budget (Part 1) Starting a beautiful marine tank is exciting. But upon doing research online, the information may be overwhelming, contradicting & often confusing. This guide aims to provide a high level overview of areas to consider when embarking on the reefing journey. To help you make educated choices in planning & purchasing the right equipment. Most of the article will refer to a reef tank. General planning : What do you want to keep? The most popul
  2. Top 10 common mistakes newbies make when starting up a marine tank. People study other people’s past so they won’t make the same mistake, that is why we call it his story. (Get the puns?… ok fine sorry). Anyway here are the TOP 10 mistakes newbies make when starting up a marine tank. Number 10: Jumping into the hobby without research. When people start to get interested in the hobby, some people tend to try to save money on the equipment they use and at the same time, they don’t do any research on what they are buying. Of course, a piece of better quality equipment will
  3. Starting your first marine tank. Overview to plan your equipment and budget (Part 2) This is a continuation of a 2 part series. Saltwater The ideal situation is to start the salt mix with the cleanest possible water. RODI (Reverse Osmosis De-Ionize) filters produce pure water by deploying a series of filters to remove sediments, chlorine and other contaminants such as copper, chromium, ammonia, nitrate & phosphorous that may be present in tap water. A typical RODI system consists of A polyester filter to remove sediments 2 carbon b
  4. Custom Tank or ready-made? Hi everyone, today I’ll be sharing my own unique short experience about building a custom tank compared to a ready make tank, and hopefully, it will help someone decide on their next project. To be frank, I would strongly advise to only go for a customize tank build, if you have experience with setting up a marine aquarium before with some experience of the problem and issue of your last build and have also done some research of your own before deciding to go into this route. There are many reasons for this statement however I’ll drop the pros and con
  5. Are you ready to start a Marine Tank? As a newbie in the salty side of the hobby, you might have heard people telling you that starting a marine aquarium tank is relatively expensive compare to a freshwater tank and it is hard to upkeep it. If you ever have thoughts of starting a marine reef or fish only tank and not sure if you are able to do so, in this article I will share with you more insight, tips and possible worst scenario and solution for you to judge if you are ready for the saltwater journey. Commitment Be it setting up a freshwater or saltwater tank, e
  6. Bought a new house more than a year ago and it took me that long to realize i have a good spot for reef tank right in front of me. I was originally looking at buying a used 4feet tank but didnt find any that suites my budget and likes in terms of design (specially the overflow design). Finally last month I've found a 5ft tank thats close to what im looking for and its been delivered to my place by sgbros. finish setting up. will add more pics...
  7. I bought a xenia yesterday and after 12hrs+ its still not opening. just want to know how long does it usually take for xenia to acclimate? i really like this one to survive coz the last one i bought didnt do well. water parameters are good except a bit of nitrate and im fixing it now by a diy scrubber.
  8. Hi Guys , i'm really new to this saltwater hobby and it would be nice if i could get some advice from the Experienced Hobbyist. I've yet to buy any of the stuff , as i want to fully plan out before i get the stuff. & i know this hobby isnt cheap as well. Can someone advice mi how to start this hobby from scratch? I;ve read many sites but its all over the place & i cnt seem to have a clear picture. also i would like to know if a chiller or heater is neccessary? thank you
  9. Hi all, I've decided to keeping a marine fish tank. totally no experience in this because i only use to keep freshwater fish. I've gotten quotes from various supplier, the estimated cost for a 3 X 2 X 2 full system tank with a full height cabinet ranges from 3-4k. however, these packages does not comes with a chiller. How are the prices? am i being carroted? I want to keep corals so i guess chiller is essential?? but i dont plan on stocking too heavily on it as i'm still a newbie, so im looking at like just a few maybe 2-3 soft corals . anyway, one of the supplier quoted me 3k wi
  10. Hey, a newbie here who bought herself a new little tank, Dymax iQ5. I got a pair of true percula clown fish and two anemone from Pasir Ris Farm during last weekend. I love clown fish so much. Gonna learn more and more from everyone here in this forum .. Feel happy to share here. ^^
  11. Hello, I got a new aquarium last December. Now, the corals do not look healthy and the new fishes are dying. The supplier kept telling me that things are fine. Would like a second opinion on what is wrong and how to fix the problems. Can you recommend an expert who can do this?
  12. Hi everyone I am new here currently will wish to convert my 2ft planted to a 2ft nano marine setup I hope to have everyone's guidance & patience aling the way to this new hobby. Please advise if it is possible to keep a seahorse or dwarf lionfish setup using the old stuffs below? What other things do I need other than a additional protein skimmer? My current equipments left over are: Tank: 2ft length x 1ft width x 1.8ft height Lightset: 3x 2ft tube T5HO Chiller: Hailea 150A Filter: Boyu EF 35 (950L/Hr)
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