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Found 6 results

  1. I am starting a new thread to continue from my previous thread of 12G Nano Reef Marine Tanks Journey @ (https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/178827-12g-nano-reef-marine-tanks-journey-starting-from-15-sept-2020-part-2/?page=3) As I have decided to make the 12G Nano Reef Tank a 100% Zoas Garden Tank, I will focus on information sharing updates related to Zoas keeping for this thread Following are some of the photos which just taken of the Zoas Garden: In my next post, I will share on more info why I have decided on making the 12G Nano Tank as a 100% Zoas Garden. I welcome anyone who is interested to Trade those Zoas that I am keeping by contacting me via PM
  2. This is a new thread to continue from my original thread as per the following URL, since the previous thread is now in the archived status. https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/176955-nano-reef-marine-tanks-journey-starting-from-15-sept-2020/ I am pleased to share the following video on my planning for the next stage of the tank - Stocking the Tank, while I am waiting for the tank to complete the cycling process which is looking at 4 -6 weeks time.
  3. So... here we go! I've been reef keeping since 2006. Had a 12g Nano Cube back then. Got it all up and running for 7-8 months and then crashed due to my lack of patience (slow and steady shall win the race this time). During my extremely long hiatus I've been lurking, learning and admiring all your amazing tanks. I'm now settled and working in Singapore and seeing as it's my birthday this month, I figured now is as good a time to start as any This weekend I popped into a highly recommended local LFS (Fresh N' Marine) and picked up a package deal with the following: My Tank Specs Display: Innovative Marine 10 Gallon NUVO Fusion Nano all-in-one aquarium, 12" x 15" x 13" Lighting: Innovative Marine 18x Skkye Light Clamp LED Light Heater: None I live in Singapore it's 90+ Degrees all the time Chiller: Above ^ Circulation: Stock NUVO Fusion return pump, SICCE Voyager Nano 1000 Skimmer: Innovative Marine Protein Skimmer Desktop Size Filtration: Innovative Marine Custom Caddy Fusion 20 Media Basket Filter Media: Prodac Filter Wool (Cut to Size), BOYD Chemi Pure, Top Off: Manual for now .... will consider if necessary Once I got back from the LFS to my Apartment, I went galavanting around Singapore looking for a proper stand for this thing. After checking a couple corousell ads I managed to find a nice dark wooden cabinet with glass doors that fit the bill. Getting it home was a bit of an adventure. Was ALOT heavier than expected. Lugging it down 2 flights of stairs didn't help either Once outside I Booked 3 Ubers...none of which the cabinet could fit inside. However, lucky Uber number 4 was large enough for it fit inside. Total cost $45 SGD including transport and a free workout...not bad. Now...after all this rambling I'm sure you'd like to see some photos! So please see below: Questions Is my back chamber water level too high? (See photos below) Skimmer -- I've never used one before. Should It be running during the cycle? White hair like tentacles sticking out of LR - Friend or Foe? (see photos below) Live Sand In...The cabinet looks good. Time for some Aquascaping Going for a small tunnel effect..may need more LR we shall see Light on and filled up with saltwater and no leaks Water level in back of tank with the skimmer...too high? View from the pump side for water level reference Scary looking white tentacle things...a few patches on the same rock another photo for reference
  4. Hello, I have recently set up a nano-tank and is currently cycling. The wavemaker pump is throwing out white specks in the water every cycle. The whole tank is now full of specks floating in the water. Could it be because of the ceramic rings in the filtration setup. Any ideas on how to get them removed. I have not set up a skimmer. Will that help ? Thanks!
  5. Raiden

    Rowa Reef

    From the album: My Nano Tank

    My nano reef after a good scrub down as a result of a RowaPhos accident.
  6. Raiden

    BB Reef Tank

    From the album: My Nano Tank

    My bare bottom nano reef tank
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