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Found 12 results

  1. I am starting a new thread to continue from my previous thread of 12G Nano Reef Marine Tanks Journey @ (https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/178827-12g-nano-reef-marine-tanks-journey-starting-from-15-sept-2020-part-2/?page=3) As I have decided to make the 12G Nano Reef Tank a 100% Zoas Garden Tank, I will focus on information sharing updates related to Zoas keeping for this thread Following are some of the photos which just taken of the Zoas Garden: In my next post, I will share on more info why I have decided on making the 12G Nano Tank as a 100% Zoas Garden. I welcome anyone who is interested to Trade those Zoas that I am keeping by contacting me via PM
  2. This is a new thread to continue from my original thread as per the following URL, since the previous thread is now in the archived status. https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/176955-nano-reef-marine-tanks-journey-starting-from-15-sept-2020/ I am pleased to share the following video on my planning for the next stage of the tank - Stocking the Tank, while I am waiting for the tank to complete the cycling process which is looking at 4 -6 weeks time.
  3. Urgent sales since I need to relocate. WTS Innovative Marine Nuvo 25G Lagoon tank with Cabinet. Preferably, to sell everything with livestock as one go. Tank type: IOS Live stocks: 1 Butterfly fish, I dory and the other fish (I forgot what the name of the fish but it's in the photo) Selling for : SGD $600 (nego) Collection : Arrange own transportation but need to update me when is the collection date & time, so that I could separate the water and fish, for the ease of transport. Cabinet height: 3 feet, total 4 feet with tank. The tank has been with me for about 2 and half years. If interested please call or WA me at 81884283. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, recently set up a nice fuval edge converted reef but have to let go to pay for other stuff. Plug and play with HOB filter, Nano chiller and AI PRIME lights on. Tank set is good enough to support Mixed reef as it is currently supporting it. Prefer to sell as whole or if keen on any coral please let me know. Thank you! Whole set includes 1. 6 gal fluval edge tank set with filter -100 2. Ai prime non HD - 180 3. Al60 nano chiller - 60 4. 1 big frag red monti - 30 5. 1 big frag fist size GSP - 35 6. 1 big frag fist size super healthy pulsing Xenia - 40 7. Nice Zoas set with some rare zoas -200 8. 3x Yuma (orange, purple, orange+purple+pink) - 90 9. 1 rock of very nice red mushroom with rainbow lines running towards green lumi mouth(not sure about id) -120 10. Red anemone (opens to Palm size) -30 11. Sps frags available but stung by anemone so not perfect. -20 12. Lumi orange plate coral - 45 13. Purple plate coral frag - 30 14. Reverse sunset monti frag - 30 15. Blue polyp Monti (not sure Id) -30 16. Beautiful PAIR of Gold nugget clowns 1-2" - 380 (finally paired after some testing of dominance and now living peacefully together even in my nano) 17. Red shrimp - 10 15. Live rocks, live sand - 50 16. Chemistry pure nano (still have a few more sachets) - free with big purchase 17. Small Bucket of Red sea pro salt - $30 18. Jebao WP 10 wavemaker - $30 Looking at bundle price of $1288 thank you! **All corals and live stocks are very healthy and stable even in my nano, except for the sps corals that got stung by my anemone. The rest all blooming and doing well.** If you need close up shots please contact Me at 97104907 thanks. Equipments will only be available after live stocks are sold and collection will be at TAMPINES St 81. Thank you!
  5. I'm sharing my tank journey because I'm new to this hobby and would like to get feedback and lessons along the way. i bought an IM10 from FnM and a 2nd hand ghost skimmer. still waiting for my AI Prime HD shipment to arrive... have been cycling with a live rock and shrimp for about 10 days now. really cannot wait till the water cycling process ends. hoping to learn more from you reefers, so do share some tips with me! thank you!
  6. WTS Innovative Marine IM 10 Tank set. Comes with Media Basket, the Skkye LED light, IM Skimmer and the AL30 mini chiller Condition 9/10. No pumps so you need to buy 2 small ones. $300, collect at Eunos. PM for enquiries. Thank you
  7. L40cm X B22cm X H27cm Crystal Glass Nano Marine Fish Tank... Compact size for any desktop with easy maintenance... Dymax cooling fan. 4 Nemo Clown fishes. Live sand with Live rock. Hang on filter with Bio Rings. Bio Digest beneficial bacteria added. Blue / White LED-touch sensor switch. Self collect at Ang Mo Kio,additional $30 for delivery & payment must be made before delivery... NO RESERVATION...First Come First Serve...Seawater / Saltwater fish tank...
  8. Selling L30cm X B19cm X H21cm Nano Marine Fish Tank set up for ONLY $118...Size is so compact that it's suitable for any office or home table with easy maintenance... Dymax cooling fan. Live sand with Live rock. Hang on filter with Bio Rings. One pair of Nemo clown fishes. Bio Digest beneficial bacteria added. Blue / White LED-touch sensor switch. Self collect at Ang Mo Kio,additional $30 for delivery & payment must be made before delivery... All fishes are pallet trained and stable.Ps PM me if interested.
  9. Selling Skimz Ibox (IB20 White) for $60. http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1551 Bought brand new in Jun 2013, only used it for freshwater planted setup. Near perfect condition with no scratches. Interested contact me at 93874620. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, a newbie in reef . Attached is my current fish tank.
  11. I am looking to buy JBJ nano tank 12 gallon, anyone have please pm me.
  12. Hi Guys, Am selling below spare items, pls pm to deal if you are interested. tks. Flow Accelator - $10 Sudo QT box with airpump - $15 Acrylic QT box - $18 (30cm x 15cm, 3 compartments, lid hinge is broken but not affect normal usage) iBox Nano tank - $35 (without lightset)
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