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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Letting go following frags : A. Three heads luminous green tips hammer at 45 bucks B. Red dragon at 45 bucks C. Classic rasta zoas at 28 bucks at Collection at tiong bahru area. Interested parties please pm me for details. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Letting go the following frags ; 1) Pink fibre optic at 28 bucks 2) Red dragon at 48 bucks. 3) Miyagi tort at 30 bucks 4) Red stag at 25 bucks 5) Luminous green tip hammer 2 heads at 38 bucks Collection at tiong bahru area. Interested parties, please pm me for details. Thanks
  3. WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, location 579727. Red Dragon , R1 - $80, R2 - $50, Sentosa - $35 Unknown Echinata (maybe candlelight) , E1 - $30, E2 - $30. Ice Fire v, E3 - $35, E4 - $40 Bright yellow Tenuisv, T - $30, Millie, M - $30 Limi Jade Green Acro, J1 - $15, J2 - $15, J3 - $25 Deep Blue Stag S1 - $15, S2 - $25 Bi-Colour BN - B1,2 - $10, B3,4 - $15, B5 - $20, B6 - $25
  4. Hi all, selling the following: Red dragon RD6500 pump - $200 Flow rate: 6500l/hr Watt: 65w One of the most silent n reliable return pump. Viewing/collection at compassvale st, sengkang. Can whatsapp me at 91856098. Gum xia many many.
  5. Hi all, Letting go the the following frags A) Red dragon at 28 B.) Jade green digitata at 20 Interested parties please pm me for details. Collection at tiong bahru area. Photo taken under white T5 Aquablue special. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Letting go the following frags: A) Teal blue stag - 35 bucks B ) Red dragon - 25 bucks C) Purple blue humilis -35 bucks D) Purple tip Acro - 38 bucks E) Fiji Pipe organ 25 bucks Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection at Tiong Bahru. Cheerz Thanks
  7. HI all, Letting go all the following corals at 50 bucks a) Red dragon b ) Green Pocci c) Luminous green monti Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection at Tiong Bahru. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Letting go the following pinky frag corals as a bundle for 65 bucks. Birdnest, Red Dragon and Setosa. Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection at Tiong Bahru Area. FCFS. Thanks
  9. Hi all, Would like to sell the following 2 items as a package, both brand new in box with zero usage time. Red Dragon : Red Devil II pump Tunze: Osmolator Universal 3155 Both items for S$1,200/- Please PM me if interested, thanks for viewing.
  10. Dear Bro / Sis, The sale will be done under 3 different categories ( Classic - Collector - Premium ) You can choose a mixture of Zoas and SPS under the same category !!! The packages are as follows : Classic pack - Any 3 for $48 , 5 for $68, 8 for $99 Collector pack - Any 3 for $88, 5 for $128, 8 for $188 Premium pack - Any 3 for $268, 5 for $368, 8 for $488 Classic Series Peppermint monti Pink Birdnest Birds of Paradize Galaxy Monti German Blue Digi Lime Green Slimmer Jade Green Digi Lensy Monti Lime Green Monti Pearl Berry Desalwii Turquoise Birdnest Ponape Birdnest Radio Active Pocci Red Pocci Yenko Blow Pop Blue Rim Red PPE Eagle Eye Radio Active Green Collector Series Roscoe Blue Tenuis Icy Tort Ocean Blue Prostrata Blue Stag Blue Tip Valida Chili Pepper Monti Royal Purple Monti Lime In the Sky Stag True Optic Fiber Lime Green Austera Rastafarian Mille Salmon Pink Digi Rainbow Stylo Sweet pink Stylo Sunset Mille Turquoise Youngei Pink Panther African Blue Hornet Armour of God Bam Bam Orange Candy Apple Pink Dragon Eye Incredible LA Lakers Magician Pink Guava Water Melon Pink Fusion Purple Death Safecracker Sunflower Superman Premium Series Purple Stylo Azura Blue Dragon Digi Capitata Green Lantana Lilac Lokani Metallic Purple Digi Northern LIght Blue Stag Palmer's Blue Mille Pink Lemonade Royal Purple Digi Red Dragon Reverse Sunset Monti Strawberry Shortcake Golden Thor Golden Eye Australian Ensign Candy Apple Red Cherry Bomb Emerald on Fire Feeling Peachy Golden Rasta Space Monster Hawk Eye Fruit Loops Jap Goblin Fire Lights of Amazon Peach Paradize Rainbow Stardust Rasta Classic ( *not ultra grade ) Smooth Jazz PLEASE NOTE - Reservatiion will only be possible with a non-refundable $50 deposit. Information of the SPS / Zoas frags - All SPS/ Zoas frags has been properly quarantine, stable...those who got staff from me know what it means to be stable All frags are confirmed free of SPS/Zoas pest such as Zoas pest /AEFW , Red Bugs . Depending on the SPS rarity, stocks are limited and will be base on FCFS basis. SPS sizes varies from 1/2 inch to 4 inches, which zoas will be from 2 heads to as many as 8-10 heads. Interested reefer kindly leave me a pm or sms me for viewing and collection arrangement Cheers and happy upcoming holiday to all !
  11. Hi folks, It's been years since i've been on the forum. Quite surprised to still find my old thread in the members section. Here's the link: Well, the tank doesn't look anything like the last picture . Over the last 5 years, the tank pretty much has turned to a FOWLR due to the easier maintenance. Unfortunately, we have recently sold our place and looking to rent for a bit while we search for our new place. That said, the tank needs to be decommissioned. So i'm looking for a new home for some of my remaining fishes, who've been with me for this whole time (more than 5 years). They are: 1. Red Sea Sailfin Tang - x-tra large and will need an owner with at least a 5ft tank house it. 2. Blue Tang - also a big guy, more than 7 inches 3. Purple Tang 4. Convict Tang 5. Foxface - not the yellow ones. This one is white with black and yellow markings. 6. Chromis x 2 7. Live Rock - Lots of nicely shaped and matured liverock at that. I dont recall how many kgs. Should be about 100. For an idea of the liverocks, please check out my setup thread in the link above. I also have some equipment that needs to be sold. Off the bat, the list goes as follows: 1. Deltec AP701 - working perfectly after 5 years 2. Red Dragon 12m3 - still working perfectly after 5 years 3. Starmex Chiller System with copper tubing 4. WavySea x 2 - Unfortunately, the power adapters dont work so someone will have to get new adapters to make it work 5. Tunze Wavemaker - Needs to be fixed. Haven't been using it for 2 years but it's still in the tank 6. Dr Evil T5 fixture (6 tubes). It's pretty old and tubes will need to be replaced but it's still working fine. 7. 5.5 Ft tank by Geo Aquatic (Phil) Here is more info on the Red Dragon pump. It's an amazing pump, silent and very power efficient. http://www.aquapro2000.de/en/Pumps/Water-Pumps-General/Royal-Exclusiv/Red-Dragon-Pumpen/Red-Dragon-12m3::427.html As for the Starmex, i believe it's running off a Mitsubishi 1Hp compressor There's probably miscelaneous stuff that needs to be let go as well but since this whole decommissioning is going to be a mess, I'm trying to minimize the chaos and take interest from forum members on what they are keen on first. I'll list them on the thread for the sake of transparency and am open to taking backups in the event the first person backs out. For those buying more stuff, i'll throw in freebis as well i suppose. I will organize one or two days over a weekend (before the 20th of March) to offload most if not everything. But the priority will be set as follows: 1. Need to organize buyers of the Live Rock first! Once Liverock is removed, we can catch the fishes. 2. Fishes will be handed off on the same day so all those who were interested in the fishes will need to swing by to pick up then as well. 3. I'll need a day or so to drain the tank and start removing the equipment, then the folks interested in those can pick up accordingly. So with that said, here are the list (with pricing) based on priority 1. Live Rocks - $200 (for the whole lot) 2. Red Sea Sailfin - $50 3. Blue Tang - $30 4. Purple Tang - $30 5. Convict Tang - $20 6. Foxface - $20 7. Chromis - FOC 8. Dr Evil T5 Fixture - $100 9. Tunze WaveMaker - $50 (Since it's faulty) 10. Deltec AP701 - $500 11. Red Dragon 12m3 - $600 12. Starmex Chiller - $500 13. WavySea x 2 - $50 14. 5.5 Ft Tank - Make an offer but note that you'll have to arrange your own logistics to remove and move it. Else I'll just scrap it. Either reply with your interest on this thread or via PM. I'll update the thread as we go along. Feel free to raise any question you may have as well. You should find some answers to your questions in my setup thread. cheers!
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