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Found 11 results

  1. Dear Red Sea Reefer, Red Sea is working around the clock to continuously develop and improve our products, and we’re happy to announce the latest round of improvements to most of our REEFER™ models. While you won’t notice any changes to the overall external appearance of our REEFER™ tanks, you’ll find some significant improvements within the system itself. These include: Refugium-ready sumps. Downflow valve now positioned at the front of the cabinet. Adjustable height skimmer chamber. Increased volume for RO reservoir. New filter cup, supplied in addition to a micron filter bag (both items also available as accessories for all REEFER models). Marine Spec plywood cabinet with leveling feet for models XL425 and XL525 (previously available only for the XXL & Peninsula series). The REEFER™ 170 model remains unchanged due to cabinet space limitations. For more details about specific REEFER™ models, visit us at https://www.redseafish.com/aquarium-systems/reefer/ We hope you enjoy these upgrades to Red Sea’s best-selling reef systems! Check out our new and improved REEFER models Happy Reefkeeping, The Red Sea Team Join the Red Sea Owners Community
  2. Dear Hobbyist, We’re happy to announce that Red Sea’s all-new REEFER™ Skimmers have arrived and are now available for you to check out for yourself at selected Red Sea Dealers. These skimmers bring a whole new level of reef aquarium filtration, combining high performance with quiet operation and ease of use. To get the full specs, take a look at our REEFER Skimmer product page, or check out our latest product video for a more in-depth view of our new, fully featured protein skimmers. Have a happy and clean 2019! The Red Sea Team Share Forward
  3. Selling these items as I no longer use. Collection at 310113 or dairy farm estate. Buy more prices can nego. 1) Red Sea Nopox 1L bottle, 50% used $12 2)Tropic Marin IOD hardly used $15 3)Fauna Marin LPS Pellets 5% used $20 4)Salifert Copper Test kit 10-20 tests used $15 5)Innovative Marine Gourmet Grinder $10 6)Innovative Marine Accudrip $5 7)Reef Energy A&B 500ml bottles 40% used $20 8)Vibrant 30% used $40 9)Brightwell Aquatics Refractometer Calibration Solution 10% used $10
  4. Don’t miss out on the latest action! Join the largest and fastest growing online community of reef aquarium owners like you! Keep up to date on the latest developments in reef care, get tips and tricks and share your experience with fellow hobbyists from around the world. Check it out here: Join the Red Sea Owners Community The Red Sea Team www.redseafish.com
  5. We’ve got you covered Red Sea’s Customizable Aquarium Net Cover is here to save your fish! Red Sea’s DIY Aquarium Net Cover keeps excitable fish safe inside their tanks while keeping household pets or potential predators at bay. With an extra strong aluminum frame, this screen is sleek yet super sturdy and will not warp. Customizable components allow the screen to accommodate rim-mounted equipment such as lighting arms, auto-feeders and overflow boxes, creating a perfect fit with virtually any open-top aquarium. The screen also features clear, thin netting which does not block out light. The frame and net can easily be cut and assembled to be placed on the rim of the tank or to be indented within the tank for a more discreet look. The DIY Aquarium Net Cover Kit – What’s included: • Aluminum frame sections/profiles • Internal and external frame corners • Spacers and hangers • 8mm (5/16”) netting, which can be cut to size • Spline rubber for attaching the net to the frame • Spline roller for inserting the spline Features: • Suitable for most open-top aquariums • Extra strong, customized aluminum profiles • 8mm (5/16”) thin strand, transparent netting • Inside-rim or on-rim mounting options • Spline roller • Includes components for one customized cut-out for filters • Components to accommodate additional rim-mounted equipment are available at additional cost Item Codes and Descriptions: R42080 Tank Net Screen 24”/60cm (incl. 1 Universal cut out) R42081 Tank Net Screen 36”/90cm (incl. 1 Universal cut out) R42082 Tank Net Screen 48”/120cm (incl. 1 Universal cut out) R42083 Tank Net Screen 60”/150cm (incl. 1 Universal cut out) R42084 Tank Net Screen 72”/180cm (incl. 1 Universal cut out) Available at LFS near you soon! For more Information, please visit https://www.redseafish.com/customizable-diy-aquarium-net-cover/ The Red Sea Team www.redseafish.com
  6. Dear Red Sea Reefer, As a passionate reef hobbyist, you invest hard work and dedication to caring for your home reef aquarium. But have you ever wondered how your aquarium was actually made? Red Sea is proud to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into crafting a Red Sea aquarium. Our new, 2-minute video shows the complex, multi-stage process involved in transforming ultra-clear glass and wood into Red Sea aquariums and cabinets. It takes a lot to create a high quality aquarium, but the superior design, strict quality measures and meticulous attention to detail is what makes Red Sea aquariums truly stand apart. If you already own a Red Sea system, there’s a lot to be proud of. And if you’re thinking about purchasing one, see how all the home reef magic begins. Check out our new video below Happy Reef Keeping, The Red Sea Team www.redseafish.com
  7. Dear Reefers, Following the success of Red Sea’s complete Reef Care Program, we’ve decided to revamp our program to provide even more value and convenience, making it easier than ever to create and maintain your dream reefscape! The RCP program now includes our all-new Reef Care Recipes™, a new look for our packaging and new value pack sizes to better meet your reef-keeping needs. Reef Care Recipes™: Which salt mix is best for your aquarium? Is algae overtaking your system and you’re having trouble controlling it? Not sure which supplements to use and in what amounts for optimal coral health? Red Sea has it all figured out so that you don't have to! Our Reef Care Recipes provide you with the exact formula suited for your specific aquarium and reefscape type. Each recipe specifies: · The ideal water parameters for Mixed Reef, SPS Dominant, Ultra Low Nutrient and Marine Fish Systems · The best Red Sea salt type for your system · Which supplements and trace elements to use and their precise amounts · Algae management formula amounts · Which test kits to use Just follow the recipe to create your optimally balanced reef aquarium environment. Value Pack Sizes: Our range of highly concentrated supplements now includes 1 liter and 5 liter sizes, offering you more choices and super savings of up to 50% on products that are typically used faster or in larger volumes. Pick up your free recipe booklet at your local authorized Red Sea dealer or view our online version to get a customized shopping list according to your aquarium type and volume! http://www.redseafish.com/reef-care-recipes/ Also, check out our new video series covering each of our four Reef Care Recipes:: http://www.redseafish.com/reef-care-program/ Spend less time on technicalities and more time enjoying your vibrant coral reef aquarium with Red Sea’s new and improved Reef Care Program. Happy Reef Keeping, The Red Sea Team www.redseafish.com
  8. Dear all, I am looking for Red Sea NO3-Po4-X . Let me know if anyone knows where can I get it. Regards, Sam
  9. Hi , I have a tub of 7kg Red Sea Coral Pro Reef Salt . Left with 60% , going at $25 bucks . Drop me a email if interested . Thank you
  10. 1) Rowa Phos (a table spoon used) - $30 2) Seachem Phosguard (new) - $20 3) Seachem Garlic Guard (a few drop used) - $10 4) ATM Agent Green Lanthanum Chloride (new) - $40 5) Red Sea NOPOX (new) - $15 6) Fauna Marin Ultra Algea X (30% used) - $15 7) Fauna Marin Ultra Pest Control Coral Dip (5% used) - $15 8) Fauna Marin Ball Trace all three bottles (25ml used from each) - $60 9) Fauna Marin Ultra Color ELements all three bottles (9ml used from each) - $60 Pick them up after office hours at Botanic Gardens MRT Station or Shelford Road if you drive. Kindly Whatsapp me at 945 + double zero + double three + nine.
  11. Currently, I am running these 2 skimmers and would like to upgrade to 1 bigger skimmer. 1. Red Sea Prizm - $100 Purchased this first hand in April 2013 http://www.redseafish.com/index.aspx?id=4387 2. Bubble Magus NAC - QQ - $30 Purchased this 2nd hand in July 2013 Note: missing sand cover and mount screw. This is how it should look like. Collection at Woodlands. Apologize for the poorly taken pictures.
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