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Found 18 results

  1. 2 buckets of unopened Fritz Probiotic salt for $130. Collect from Depot Rd.
  2. Hi all, Selling cos decide to try other brands instead. Only used approx 20%. ~3/4 tub full. Selling @ $60 and collect at woodlands, nearest station is Admiralty mrt. Pls pm me if keen.
  3. Want to sale some leftover from last decom sale. 1) ZeRo RO/DI 5 steps with free extra 2 sets of cartridges (see below) S$150 Free Cartridges (2 sets) 2) SKIMZ Our Reef marine Salt 20KG (Brand New) Orig Price = S$82 each Selling for S$50 each 3) 214 Liters Water Storage Drum (Bought in Madpetz) = S$60 https://madpetzonline.com/collections/frontpage/products/water-storage-drum?variant=46762469779
  4. Pls text me or my uncle (Vincent : 98507742). Prefer new. alan 90716505
  5. Good Day, Have the following left to clear. All in seal pack and not used before unless otherwise stated. 1. Brightwell Strontion-p (1.2kg) - $80 2. Brightwell Reef Code A (4kg) - $80 3. Brightwell Reef Code B (4kg) - $80 4. Brightwell Iodine (2L) - $40 5. Topic Marin Meersalz Pro Reef Sea Salt (25kg) - $100 comes with free (8kg) Collection at Bukit Panjang. PM or whatsapp at 98310256.
  6. Trying to gather some quick intel from reefers. Anyone using salt delivery services to their homes? No longer the young fella i remembered myself. The salt needs to be suitable for sps. Pls include the brand n price n the delivery charges. If buy in bulk, is the delivery free? Thank you for any info. Cheers.
  7. RevoReef Marine Crystal Information Source I think this is a new product in the market, I'm going to change to this product due to the discount @ introduction price, Anyone want share with me? Anyway, would like to see if there's anyone that have try this product and give us some feedback so can help us decide to buy or not to buy.
  8. Guest

    Marinium Reef Salt

    Marinium Reef Salt Information Source http://www.waterzoo.co.za/mariscience-marinium-reef-sea-salt-p-81.html Anyone can share their experience with this salt? It's one of the cheapest budget salt in market and claim that you don't have to add anti chlorine for this salt.
  9. Hi , I have a tub of 7kg Red Sea Coral Pro Reef Salt . Left with 60% , going at $25 bucks . Drop me a email if interested . Thank you
  10. Any reefers mix different brands of salt mix for water change? The reason being salt mix A has high KH, low CA but salt mix B has low KH and high CA? By mixing it can "balance" the parameters. Is it advisable to do it for a sps tank?
  11. Hi all, Want to sell the Aquaroche Ceramic Rock (14" L x 10" W x 16" H), with me 4 months at $160. DD H2O salt, left about 20kg at $60. 3 x PAR 38 LED lights , $40 each, Lumen Aqua LED lights (2ft in length), Pls contact me 96382799 for pictures, thanks.
  12. Glass tank, 60x20x23cm - $10 10L dosing container x 2 - $8 each Tunze glass cleaner - $20 Frag rack - $35, $30 for the one with crack Oceanic Salt - $15 Free commercial KH additive abt 2kg and half a bottle seachem Kalkwasser FOC w any purchase of the above items PM to deal. thanks.
  13. Hi fellow reefers, I am writing this sales post with a heavy heart. After just having started my 'upgraded' tank, a big change in my life happened... going to be a poor student. To cut the story short, I am not able to continue with marine keeping and have to go back to freshwater keeping. Thus, I will be letting go of the following items to reefers that can used them to its full potential. I will be back. just... not now. 1) VERTEX Omega 150 skimmer (Internal) $450 - Running for only 1 month. - 9.5/10 condition. No scratches. - Still got box, manual, all parts and WARRANTY from dealer. (receipt provided) 2) DD H2OCEAN Pro Formula Reef Salt $60 - 23kg Bucket. - 70- 80% Balance. - almost 1 month open. 3) HAILEA HS28A 1/10hp Chiller $100 - 1 year old. total run time 10 months +/-. - Still running well no complaints. - Best for 2ft tank and below. - DIY changed to 3 pin plug. All items (except for salt) are washed clean, wiped dry, packed and looking new. Erm... salt bucket looks very new... Items are slightly negotiable. Add $20 for each item if you require delivery. Contact me (Joe) at 97980202 for more info/ Pictures. (Don't call. I cant pick up when I'm at work.)
  14. Oceanic Natural Sea Salt Mix, 6.6kg (New) - $20 Tropic Marin Pro-Special Mineral, Sodium Chloride Free Salt, 1.8kg (New) - $45 Tropic Marin Pro-Special Mineral, Sodium Chloride Free Salt, 1.8kg (50% left) - $20 DD Rowaphos, 1kg (95% left) - $54
  15. Good Day, Have the following to clear. All in seal pack and not used before unless otherwise stated. 1. Brightwell Elemental (3.2kg) - $120 2. Brightwell Magnesion-p (4.8kg) - $120 3. Brightwell Strontion-p (1.2kg) - $120 4. Brightwell Calcion-p(3.2kg) - $120 5. Brightwell Reef Code A (4kg) - $100 6. Brightwell Reef Code B (4kg) - $100 7. Brightwell Iodine (2L) - $60 8. Brightwell Microbacter7 (2L) - $80 9. 02 x BSI IC-Gel (20g) - $9 each 10. 04 x Rowa Phos (1000ml) - $60 each (Take all at $220) 11. Topic Marin Meersalz Pro Reef Sea Salt (25kg) - $120 12. Rowa Carbon (5kg) - $75 13. Bacteria King (5kg) (used) - $60 Collection at Bukit Panjang. PM or whatsapp at 98310256.
  16. Starting a 2.5ft cube tank. Looking for salt & sand. If u hv these item 2 let go, pls ctc me 9616 4446. Tnx.
  17. Display LWH: 3.0x1.0x1.5 IOS LWH: 0.5x0.5x1.5 Currently skimmerless (no space available yet) Chiller: Resun280 Lights: 2x t5 white + 2x t5 actinic blue + 2x blue LED FR: biopellet FR (in-progress setup) Plan Livestocks: LR,LPS,Softies,Fish Ammonia and Nitrite currently 0, Nitrate around 20~40, hopefully with biopellet FR will reduce soon http://youtu.be/hElyut99LNc http://youtu.be/vf9t9EkT9r8 Any advice let me know....
  18. Dear Reefers I have following items for Sales 1. H2Ocean 2000 Pump $70.00. 2. H2Ocean Salt (Small) $30.00. 3. Par 38 with holder. $65.00. All Brand New. Never touch. Interested Party Please Kindly PM me to Deal. Collection will be at Jurong West.
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