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Thank you sgreef


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Recently my better half asked me why i like staring at the tank more than her Lol... and it started me thinking. I have been reefing for many years and one of the many joy and fun is the camaraderie found in sgreef club. Bros who are willing to share experience to help newbies and trade and swop LFs and equipment. Recently I traded with a fellow bro although for something of lower value from him but I felt immense satisfaction when I learnt tat his corals are doing better now with my equipment. Besides the joy of seeing our beautiful reef tank thriving and the heartache when things dont go right, it is this spirit of sharing that makes the hobby fun and also the reason i started the hobby again after a few years break. Thank you to all the moderators for a fantastic effort! Let's reef on!

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It is also members like you which make our work here feel worthwhile . :cheers:

Hope we can also get to see greater bond and members participation on our further gathering event.

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Thanks for your kind words. Like you, we believe in sharing. Not just knowledge but also live stocks.

Profiteering from this hobby is a big NO NO. ;)

And you are not alone here "looking" at the tank more than our better half.

I have heard this comment from her for more than a decade now. Immune to it... LOL


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