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No takers from my previous thread so I'm breaking up the sale into individual items. Details refer here:

Give me your highest offer

  1. Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment
  2. Water containers x 4


Free Of Charge

  1. False percula clown fish x 2
  2. T5 light (2 x 36W but only has 1 x actinic)
  3. 2 feet Nisso curved tank
  4. Grade C0 sand
  5. Lots of Live Rocks

Buyers of the skimmer or water containers will be given priority for the FoC items. :thumbsup:

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(~ cci[RR]us ~)
A pair of Nemos :: Deep Sand Bed
Solite 2x24W T5 :: Prizm Skimmer with Overflow attachment

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