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WTS sps frag/colony and fishes

black tank

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Decided to strip the entire tank to catch huge sps predator crab and a large worm on Tuesday, so selling the following established all fishes feeding on pellets.

1. Sunrise dottyback(Redsea) 2 inches, 4 year in tank @$30

2. Regal Angel grey belly 3 inches since December 2011 & reef safe in my tank @$50

3. Springeri Damsel 1 inches, 3 year in tank @$10

4. Royal gramma 1.5 inches ,8 year in tank FOC

5. Starski Damsel 2 inches, 4 year in tank FOC

6. 6-line wrasses 1 inch FOC.

All coral are at least 3 years in a sps dominated tank

7. Neon green Stylo (3X3 inches) mini colony @$80

8. Neon green blunt birdnest 2 inches @$20

9. Blue Centre light green gonio 6 inches @$40

10. Purple tip green gonio 3 inches @$40

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