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Many people are concerns with common diseases like ich. Including me as well. Just won the battle with ich many months back by going fishless for 2-3 months.

Than, i stock up my tank with livestocks. Lyretail Anthias, carberryi anthias, dispar anthias, evansi anthias, chromis, yellow tang, blue tang, sailfin tang, powder blue tang, achilles tang.

One day, I decided to get a doctor wrasse and introduce it to my tank. My mistake? NO QUARANTINE. So what happened next? My tank WIPEOUT. Yes. Almost ALL FISHES DIED. Including AT.

Slowly im left with a few fishes. Leopard wrasse, 6 line, common clown and a few chromis left. Waited for about 1 month before adding new fishes. For 1 month, there were no further casualties. I told myself, lets give a try and buy more fishes. So i did.

Yet, fishes keep dying. Even a few hours after introducing to my tank. And then i realise, its FLUKE disease! White patches, torn fins, lethargy, not eating. And now, im going through the same cycle. Clearing casualties everyday.

My question is, how do i treat this fluke IN TANK? My tank is a reef tank. Lets not talk about treating the fish cause firstly, its hard for me to catch all of it and secondly, im sure enough all are already infected and waiting for their time to die. So my main concern is my tank. How do i treat the disease in the tank? I thought of going fishless again but how long would be enough? And what other things do i have to do besides going fishless?

Im sorry for the long post. Hope this fluke disease does help other reefers who havent came across with this disease. Hope bros here can help me to treat this disease. Thank u!

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Common problem with fishes.

Praziquantel can be dosed in tanks but any worms will suffer.

Best prevention is quarantine, freshwater dip the fish every 3-4 days for a total of 3 dips.

If its a fish-only tank Trichlorfon will work but it is nasty for invertebrates.

Praziquantel loaded food will work but you have to feed it over a course of 2 weeks, daily amounts.

Adding lots of cleaner shrimp will help to control fluke populations as well.

Always something more important than fish.


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