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Hi everyone!

My tank are facing the issue of White Spot on the fish. 1 are going on the bad state and all are got few white spot. So I'm using the AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich.

After I used, the tank water are with blue color, until this morning. The tank water are crystal clear but my skimmer are blue color. I think that skimmer already suck all the treatment inside. 

How I gonna handle with it ?
a ) Leave it there
b ) Off the Skimmer and add AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich again

My Tank Details :

1. Square tank ( 30x30x35 ) ~31.5Lit
2. Power Head 201( With AquaClear Quick Filter " Just a black Sponge ) 
3. Bubble Magus Nano QQ1 Skimmer
4. Eheim 2217 ( Black Filler Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool )
5. Base sand






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Turn off the skimmer and dose again according to the instructions on the bottle. It counts as chemical filtration which will remove the solution you add.


P.S. I’m not disqualifying the brand or anything but the only true way of completely eliminating ich from your tank is by removing all the fish in it and treating them in a separate quarantine system, only reintroducing them after your tank goes without fish for 6-8 weeks.


Read up about it


Hope this helps



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To be honest. All the reef safe ich medication is nothing but snake oil. Best is still to quarantine and run the tank fallow. If you cannot do that, stop any introduction of fishes for now. And feed high quality foods such as pe mysis, vitalis etc. and soak them in Vitachem and Selcon.

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How about doing frequent water change ? Is it good to reduce ich?

If by reduce ich you mean by improving/maintaining water quality through frequent water changes to keep fish healthy and immunity from the parasite then yes, it does help.


But it won’t get rid of the parasite unless you leave your system without fish for a period. There are many links on the internet that explain ich’s lifecycle and how it needs a host fish to survive and breed.


What these formulas that claim to “cure” ich are are mostly fish immunity boosters to help the fish build a resistance and temporary immunity from it. It doesn’t get rid of the parasite.


In the same vein, UV sterilisers prevent the ich population in your tank from outbreaks- they kill the Free-floating stages of the parasite but not the cysts(eggs) that attach to surfaces in your tank


They do not cure ich either, only control and limit.


Only known cure is like what ReeferPeter said, leaving system empty of fish for a period so the parasite has no host and starves to death.


It’s usually tough to have a tank with completely no ich but not impossible, just requires a lot more patience and slightly more resources for controlled quarantine for anything wet that enters your tank



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Hard to completely eliminate ich even with quarantine. They can be introduced even if u get a new coral. My take on ich is to first obtain healthy specimens and Ensure your tank conditions are pristine, coupled with regular feeding and water changes to keep them healthy and stress free

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