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  1. Looking for Spotted Cheek Tang if any thanks
  2. Looking for spotted cheek tang orange shoulder tang powder blue tang
  3. PM me your offers kept him for more than a year
  4. Looking to let go large green moray eel PM me if keen
  5. 2 hours in a bag is too long moreover 2 fishes sharing the same bag better to use a portable air pump and best to return home within an hour if no pump , at least to open the bag during the journey back home
  6. Hi looking for the above Gongonian the bigger the better thanks !
  7. Looking for : powder blue tang yellow tangs Angels: Blue face angel emperor angel majestic angel French angel any other types of fish can be considered
  8. Looking for stable fishes to fill my large tank : tangs angels butterflies etc please PM me
  9. Looking for stable fishes tangs angels butterflies please pm me thank you
  10. Hi please buzz me if have looking for lots
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