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  1. Looking for large and small angels must be stable piece : emperor blue face majestic rock beauty regal etc etc banner fish just PM me whatever you have , include the dwarf angels thanks
  2. Have a main drain outside the house though And a small drainage pipe ( just beside the tank ) to drain water from the tank
  3. Considered drain but now my tank covered it up already - not using actually
  4. Tank delivery in Jan while house still finishing up some renovations ( to be in time for CNY ) Profile stand for the lights by Prestech installation by myself and as the stand is super heavy to lift and drilled into the wall, really need the help of the workers this light-stand project was so shag! I should have engaged someone to settle for me
  5. Planning took place in July last year and Tank delivered in Jan this year display tank : acrylic 20mm ( Schuran) sump tank : glass aluminium profile system: 2 open loops : 2 Daibao pumps 12000 2 closed loops : Ecotech L1 and Ecotech L2 1.5hp ARCTICA chiller 2 UV : aqua 114W and 57W 2 Vortechs MP60wQD Lights: 3 Orphek Atlantik V4 and 2 AI hydra 52HD
  6. So I sold my 5 feet tank and started this SEA aquarium at my new place. My only wish is : New tank has to be -longer -wider -taller than the old one and tank has to be at the foyer area, at the door entrance. So that once we come home , we get to see the tank FIRST. New tank will be predominantly fishes ( not FOWLR ) and simple corals like softies as well as some inverts. reason : for easy maintenance since mainly fishes and I can’t seem to keep corals anyway So first thing first , construct the foyer area as the original house doesn’t come with one… Also construct a drainage pipe to drain water out during water changes
  7. Have sold this tank and started a bigger tank will start new thread soon !
  8. Pictures of the stands with AI Hydras
  9. Selling AI Hydra stand DD Slimeline Selling a pair ( one of them has a defect: broken part which I glued together already ) Selling cheap Not for fussy Suits AI Hydra 52HD Selling a pair of stands @ $100 for both
  10. More than 2 years working fine have 2 sets available selling $290 each
  11. Balance half bottle selling $9 can mail to you
  12. Hi anyone giving away some chaeto for me to try in the west ? thanks
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