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Live Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton

A unicellular phytoplankton that is high in EPA, strained to a pure culture by our in-house culturing experts.

One of the smallest phytoplankton at only a few micron in diameter.
It is one of the best food source for filter feeders such as sponges, tube worm, artemias, rotifers, copepods, small larvae or animals

Enrich your Brine Shrimp or Rotifier prior to feeding or simply feed your tank directly
Simply pour into the tank near a flow source in your display tank and watch your Coral's polyp extend to feed and animals lavish at the new food source

Retail Pricing: $18 (250ml pack)
Promo: 2 for $20


How long can this last and where do I keep?

For best results, use it within a week. Keep our specially design bag refrigerated to keep them dormant.

Dose 5 ml per 10 gallons, 3-4 times per week.

Two type of dosing method:
- Direct dosing phytoplankton - Target Feeding (require lesser volume)
- Indirect dosing phytoplankton - Broadcast Feeding (require more volume)

Why SupremX Aquaculture:

"Live phyto" or "concentrated" that acclaimed to have long shelf life through their decaying process will only contribute add ammonia and unwanted nutrients to your tank if left unconsumed.

SupremX Aquaculture Phyto ensures freshness with no addictive or preservatives that allows live phyto to consume carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to your precious reef while helping the biological and chemical filter by using the nitrate and phosphate caused by animal waste, in the process of photosynthesis


For Reefers, By Reefers,
Team SupremX

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12 hours ago, quam said:

Hi, I'm interested in having 2 packs (promo). Can sent a grab for pick up tomorrow? Thank you

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think you PM or whatsapp them directly for faster respond ( 8845 5555 ) 


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