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Kindly WhatsApp 92971884 if keen. Thanks. 

Lime Green Tip Black Torch , Single Head $40, 2 heads @ $70D90E1E00-DFF0-4380-A1D4-6CCB8A3F4BB2.jpeg.3825c6ff52b447c8ef0495f74f61dfd8.jpeg

Oz Rainbow Acans, very unique patterned colourful mouth! - $4557F77691-DD1E-4FD2-B230-FF8F7CBCDF2B.jpeg.defc06df5b2a5dab40c910ffa086a9ff.jpeg

Green lash black alveo -$30 fully extended min 5x5cm4F131A22-9A1E-4C70-821E-E161B7D1D2C4.jpeg.6386817ca3f1422468c464f128d15660.jpeg

Thin tentacles green lash blue alveo - $30 min 5x5cm fully extended, Or 1 of each type @ $50.68E52145-002B-4F4F-9E40-AD7D21C71782.jpeg.536dafd886c5ea57518f2112c68cf841.jpeg


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