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Hi there New reefer here would like some help

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  Oh hi there I am new here, I am a reefer currently living in Guangzhou, China. It’s not easy to find a reefing community here in Asia because the state of the hobby here is relatively new compared to many Western countries but I am fortunate enough to have come across here. :) It has been my dream to start my own reef tank since I was 8 or 9, currently 24 and hope to get started in Q1 of this year. I am Chinese-Canadian grew up in Vancouver both parents from Chongqing.


   I don’t know how many of you live in condos but my condo will be on the second floor, with load bearing wall and no one beneath me. Wooden floor and concrete underneath. Do you think it will be safe to support a 125g (468L) tank? Dimensions will be 175cm x 60cm x 45cm. 


   I see on sites like FishBase and works by authors like Scott W. Michael, Burgess, Rudie Kuiter and so on that some of these fish reach pretty big sizes like over 20cm or even 30cm, however is that to be expected for the average specimen whether in the wild or in our systems?


     My tank is planned to be mostly a soft coral and LPS tank, beginning with soft corals. SPS I will have to see after a year or so depending on how things go.


    As for the fish currently can confirm:

2 Ocellaris Clowns (Captive Bred and the only Captive Bred on my list)

1 Yellow Coris Wrasse (for coral pest control)

1 Pajama Cardinalfish

1 Yellow Watchman Goby + Tiger Pistol combo (for symbiotic relationship)

3-4 Damselfish: Yellowtail Blue, Azure, Lemon/ Talbot’s, Blue Devil


Want up to 3 Large fish not sure if too many, definitely want 1 Zebrasoma Tang:

1 Zebrasoma Tang (First Preference: Purple Second Preference: Yellow Third: Scopas)



Foxface Lo (most likely will get)

Lemonpeel Mimic Tang

Tomini Tang

Spot Breast (Japanese Swallowtail) / Watanabei Angelfish

Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish

Xanthurus Cream Angelfish


Considering (Medium Sized Fish):

Borbonius Anthias

Roaps Butterflyfish (Burgess most likely)


Considering (Smaller Fish):

Coral Beauty Angelfish

Saddle Valentini Puffer

Royal Gramma

Midas Blenny

Long Nose Hawkfish



This is like a potential wish list for me. I wonder what would be the best combo especially for the large fish?


Also are any of the fish I have chosen hard to keep?


Basically don’t want anything too difficult especially because I am a beginner. Since many of the fish also come from Indonesia and Philippines how bad is the cyanide situation these days?


Would really appreciate help! Thanks.




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Hi just want to add, on which of these fish maybe can’t / shouldn’t be kept in a 125 for life. Would love to upgrade to 180+, 200+ gallons even better in the future just not sure when that will happen.

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Hi, welcome to the reefing world.

1) For the tank size limitation, I think is better to check with your local authority as different country got different law.

2) My suggestion is start with small and docile fish first and slowly increase. You fish list mostly will change after you start to know more about this hobby.

3) Angel and Butterfly mostly is not reef safe so you need to check before you purchase.

4) For Tangs, if you want to add similar species it will be better to add them all together instead of one by one. E.g. purple, yellow, gem tang should be add together for higher chance of success.

5) Over here, most of us don't use heater. we use chiller only.

6) I will recommend you to setup quarantine tank for your fish and coral if possible.

7) Check out 静风听海 at taobao.

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I think when it comes to the integrity of your building , only yourself or the condo management are in the right position to advice However , I don’t see how is it an issue if it can house people . 

im fairly new to this hobby and all I can advise is do not make the same mistake that I do.

to hurry thru the cycling process and start introducing livestock .

a strong foundation is the key to success in reefing.

Do not be lured by the dark force ... ha ha.


enjoy and welcome to this hobby Z

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Thanks haha appreciate it.

Would you say any of the Tangs I listed get too big to be in this tank for life? What about Foxface? 


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The size of your tank will somehow control the growth of the fish. NOT saying it will stop the fish getting bigger, but it will take a longer duration to grow large.

Welcome to the hobby. at the bioload of the fish you wish to keep, most recommend to see what filtration method and equipment you're getting. Don't think that equipment being expensive if buying oversize (example skimmer), making the fish healthy will save you more money. (fish die and replenish need money too).

There's no best combo fish.  but these are some fish I advice beginner to avoid. 


Enjoy the hobby!



There's nothing to see here. 

But do check out my articles! https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/floratiaracoral/

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I know most of you guys live in flats so I wonder how common are big tanks (150+ gallons) in SG?

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