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18 hours ago, coralclams said:

This one is applicable for light only or pumps as well

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The Neptune Systems WXM Wireless Expansion Module gives you complete control over a total of 11 EcoTech Vortech pumps or Radion LED simultaneously.

The WXM is an accessory for the Apex and together they empower you to customise the functions of your Vortech pumps and Radion LED lightings. You can define what to do based on time of day, feed mode, power outage mode, and many more customisable functions.


The WXM supports up to 11 Vortech pumps or Radion LED simultaneously - Can mix and match control across multiple tanks. Imagine having complete control over the MP40s and Radions in your 210 gallon display tank, while at the same time controlling the MP10 you have in the frag tank right next to it.

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