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Liverock scape, Royal gramma & abalone to clear

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Hi guys, am at the very last leg of my tank decom. I have this aprox 25x25cm scaped using Caribsea Life-rock (~5kg worth) and covered with coraline algae, pods and stomastella snails. 

Bundled together with this scape is:

1x abalone

1x Royal Gramma (Note that its abit sluggish but still eating well, its a very large piece at 3" long, i suspect it might be sluggish due to old age)

1x Astrea snails

Some carib-sea fragzone rocks full of pods

+ some bumblebee snails if i can find more.

All these to go for ONLY $50, must collect ASAP since the rocks are outside of water. use a styrofoam box for easy transport..

Whatsapp me at 910Six393Four, no reservation, FCFS.

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EvolutionZ's Floating Reef:

(Decommed) EvolutionZ's 4ft shallow Mixed Reef Build :

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