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Looking for guidelines and suggestions for aqua/rockscape..


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Hi Reefers,

Am in the early stage of planning for an additional (new) 5ft mixed reef project.. and pretty much decided on going with dry rocks (or dry live rocks).. looking for tips/tricks/guidelines to achieve a nice looking tank. Have a few questions regarding rock/aquascaping:

  • Surely I will need reef cement and glue, some suggested the use of zip ties but I am not really keen.. so would like to know the benefit of using it?
  • Am going to get some new dry rocks, any benefits of using existing LR from my other tank? What about rocks sold in SRC Pasar Malam?
  • Looking for good rock/aquascaping guidelines for my project..
  • Any other crucial Dos vs Don'ts that I should take note of?  

Appreciate all suggestions and recommendations.


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Hey. A few suggestions. 

1. Ensure the rock work is stable and well joined together. 

2. If the liverock is of good quality and relatively pest free,  it can help your tank to mature faster. How confident are you regarding LR from hobbyist whom you don't know? 

3. IMO,  less rock,  more coral. Provide caves and swim thru for your fishes, shelters for corals prefer less flow,  as we as a mixture of varied light and flow conditions to suit different animals.  

4. Composition wise,  rule of third,  negative space,  depth,  all these are ways to help the whole aquarium look balanced. 

5. Before building the rockwork,  it helps to picture the grown out  aquarium in mind,  how will different coral fill up the scape.  Plan accordingly. 

All the best! 

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