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Red Coris Wrasse (clown wrasse)

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Just wondering if anyone has had success at keeping the red coris??

About 3 months ago i got my first red coris, added to my tank and it died within 24hrs. I thought it must have been an unhealthy specimen so i got another one after a few weeks. It became progressively weaker and weaker, lying at the bottom or buried in the sand the whole day and then it died by the third day. :cry2: When i got them, they looked very active and swimming around, and it can't have been the water too cos i have a false percula clown and a longnose hawkfish living happily inside the tank for many months already... would really like to keep one, but dunno if this type of fish is just not hardy enough for captivity?

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This might not be the problem in your tank, but just a comment after observing my own experience....

Just becoz you have fish happily swimming in your tank for few months does not mean that it is not an issue with disease/parasites in your water, either latent in large amounts, or introduced with the new fish. Existing fish who survive disease or parasites that are present in your tank may develop a stronger resistance so they can survive, but new fish introduced might not be able to take it.

Thus it may be the specimens are bad, but don't rule out the possibility of them having gotten infected by a disease when introduced into your tank. The stress of transport makes them vulnerable, much more so than the "settled" fish in your tank. :erm:

Be teachable always, nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. But learn to distinguish "fact" from "opinion".

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