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Dream of the Sea

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Hello everyone,
The aquarium has 225 liters (59 gallons), produced by Creaqua from 100x50x45h cm, optiwhite, 45 degree cut 10 mm glasses.
In previous years, I had set up 3 saltwater aquariums with a limited budget. All of the aquariums had collapsed due to lack of automatic water replenishment. I understood that the mill does not turn with transport water.
That's why I started this setup with the "all or nothing" principle. 

Due to the small size of the living room in my house and the abundance of furniture, the aquarium is in the right corner, so it has to stand upright.
The creatures I want to feed in my aquarium are:
- Anemones,
- Clown fish,
- Sea stars,
- Various tangs,
- Chromis..
In the first setup, I will continue with molly fish and start the introduction of sea creatures with a few soft corals or fish.
I will definitely not use live rock in the setup. Live rocks will be replaced by Caribsea and Aquaforest rocks. In this installation, RSF-Pure Water Unit water will be used instead of carboy water and the water output will be measured with a TDS meter.

Filtration of the aquarium:
- Tunze 3163 Comline Stream Filter
- Tunze DOC 9004 Protein Skimmer
- Eheim Ecco Pro 300 (additionally AQUARIO Neo Flow Normal M-13 mm and Chihiros Clear Hose 12/16 mm)
*Sera Siporax
*Aqua Forest Life Bio Fil
*Seachem Matrix
*Seachem Purigen
*Aqua Forest Zeo Mix
- Eheim Surface Skimmer

Most likely, a sediment filter will be added to Ecco pro and used to support biological filtration, and it will be of great use in the use of filter materials such as zeolite and activated carbon in emergencies.

In addition to filters, circulation in the aquarium will be ensured by:
- Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020
- Tunze-6214 Wavebox
- Reef Octopus Octopulse 2

In case of excessive circulation, Octopulse or Nanostream will be removed.

- 1 x Aquareef Pro 4 Nano as main lighting
- Fluval Sea Marine 3.0 Nano as 2 boosters

I think these lightings will be sufficient for anemones and various corals. I can ensure that the corals receive adequate lighting with their location.
I especially wanted to use live sand in the aquarium. I couldn't find live sand in the country (aside from Reeflowers), especially because I wanted it. Instead, I'm going to mix around 17kg of broken coral, 8kg of mussel pieces and the rest of Caribsea Puka Shell.

Materials to be used for decoration:
- CaribSea Life Rock 18.14 kg
- CaribSea Life Rock Belize Branch
- CaribSea Seaflor Aruba Puka Shell
- CaribSea Rubble Zone
- Aqua Natural Marine Accents Lagoon
- Aqua Forest AF rock arch 10 kg

The rocks will be fixed with Aqua Forest 6000 gr Stone Fix according to the decoration I want in the aquarium.
Other materials:
- Tunze Nano Osmolotor 3152,
- Eheim Thermocontrol 75 Watt heater,
- Eheim Twin Feeder,
- Eheim Feeding Station,
- ATC Refractometer,
- Tropic Marin-Compact Lab,
- Tropic Marin PRO-REEF Sea Salt 25 kg Bucket (Deutsch made),
- Aquaforest - NP Pro 50 ml,
- Aquaforest - Pro Bio S 50 ml,
- Aquaforest - Pro Bio F 25 gr,
- Tropic Marine Pro-Tect,
- Tropic Marin-Immompit,
- Tropic Marin-All For Reef,
- Tropic Marin-Coral Clean,
- Aquaforest AF Life Source 1000 ml,
- Zeochem 4 Hose Holder Set,
- Hsbao DS-4 Dosing Pump- Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus Flake,
- Ocean Nutrition Formula One Marine Pellet Small,
- Ocean Nutrition Formula Two Marine Pellet Small,
- New Life Spectrum Thera A+ Regular Fish Formula,
- Omega One - Super Veggie Brown Seaweed,
- Omega One - Super Veggie Red Seaweed....

I washed the sands and It wait about 2-3 day.

Sorry for my English.



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