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Selling Xepta Auto Balance doser + Starter Kit

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Brand new in box : $900

Xepta autoBalance is an automatic measurement and dosing system, from the measurement of the Kh (the measurement of calcium and magnesium available with the aBex expansion module) of the aquarium allows to precisely dose all the salts that the aquarium needs to the correct development and growth of all kinds of corals. Maintaining alkalinity at a stable value without fluctuating time is the key to success in reef aquariums. The objective of this automatic measuring equipment is to provide the user with this stability and, in turn, to have the dosing channels integrated into the same equipment.


Xepta autoBalance is not only a measuring and dosing equipment, when used with the autoBalance, the Xepta Reef Balance system allows for the replenishment of ionic salts consumed by coral growth. Further, the Xepta system provides for the supplementation of Ca, Mg, and kH without disturbing the ionic balance of the aquarium water.


Starter kit includes: Auto balance reagent 1000ml, Xepta ph4 100ml, Xepta ph7 100ml. 


The equipment has three dosing channels that are configured for the use of our Xepta Reef Balance system.


Controllable through iOS/Android app.

Wifi connectivity

From 2 to 24 daily measurements

3 dosing pump heads

Automated dosing calculations for Xepta Reef Balance

Manual dosing calculations for balling system

Manual alarm settings and automatic safety settings

No additional controller is required for operation

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