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"Bat" fish not eating

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I bought 2 bat fish from reborn last friday, together with an emperor angel. The angel started feeding on everything 2-3 hours I let it into my Q-tank.

However, the bat fish doesn't eat at all after 3 days. I tried mysis and all type of pellets, including plankton which I used to feed my corals. It just swam around lazily. I am afraid they may die on me. Is there anything else I can try to entice it ?

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The above batfish can a pain in the A** to start feeding.

Try mussels or clams in half shells, cross yur fingers and prey they work.

If not have u tried live foods? Seldom does newly aquired fishes take to pellets la. Unless you are damn lucky... ;)

Try to read up on wat they feed in nature helps. Good luck bro.

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Their "finspan" is very big so I think they need to be kept in very deep tanks

And not to mention that fishes like to peck on their fins too :angry:

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