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Powder blue and flying Zoos...

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Recently my powder blue tang had aquired this nasty habit... Ripping apart my zoos colony. <_<

Polyps and pieces of polyps is flying ard my tank man. And the fish is even strong enuf to topple a few of the larger colonies i place on the rocks.

I tot Zoos are like poisonous?! How come the PBT seemed to like chewing at it so much? Anyone have similar problem?

Heard of tangs attacking pratas and other LPS.. but its kinda weird that mine left them alone and home in on those darn zoos. :lol:

My Tank

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My blue tangs also have this habit in attacking on the zoos, prata & cynnarina causing them too strees to open up & some even die off. :angry:

They tend to attack when i feed the corals, my tangs can never be satisfy & always keep eating. Think my corals cant even have their meal properly. :(

A best way is to get the tangs out else there goes the coral.

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Try to feed coral when the light just came on. or just off for 1 hour. Tang will be dizzle then.


30G Corner Tank with 10G Sump, 2 x 24W artinic T5, 1 x 24W 10K, 1x 24W 20K, 3" Grade 0 sand & Live rocks, Activated Carbon, Bio-home, 2 x Seio M620, Hailea 1/2HP Chiller, Redsea Pro Skimmer

Live Stock:

Turbo Snail x 1, Green Mandarin Dragonet X 2, Blue Tang X 2, True percular x 2, 1 x Algae Bleenie, Clarke clown x 2


1 x 2" Blue maxima, Red/Brown/Purple Mushroom (Discosoma), Pink Ricordea yuma, A little colony Brown/Green common Zoanthus, Red/Pink/Green US Zoanthus, Eagle-eye Zoathus, 14 Branch Goniopora Pandoraensis, 1 Starburst Polyps, 3 + 2 Branch Frogspawn, 4 Blasto, palythoa, Cheato

RIPs (Since June 2005):

1. Sabae clown (KO by Clarke clown) 2. 1 branch melted frogspawn 4 branch 3. Golden maxima (Ripe the base off rock by me) 4. Algae Bleenie x 2 (Starvation) 5. Blue Maxima x 1, 2 x Maxima, 1 x frogspawn, rics (Overtemp...)

Old 30G Corner Tank.

Restarted 30G Corner Tank.

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Feeding yur corals after light is a good idea... but mine keep attacking the zoos even when i am feeding the fishes... ARGH!!! ANd its doing it NOW!

My Tank

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Wahah so tangs are no that safe afterall... ANyway i used to have a PBT that rip one side of the mantle of a giant squamosa apart....

My existing tomini tang love to nip at my zoos but do not cause any damage....

Now you guys start to believe that i once said be4 not all tangs are mr nice guy

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