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Green Sinularia Leather coral

Green Sinularia Leather coral

Sinularia is a common type of finger leather coral that has vibrant bright green colors that is a great addition to any reef tank that is often neglected by many hobbyists.

As the name suggested, finger leather, the growth of its branches are like a tiny finger spreading upwards. Sinularia has polyps on the surface of it branches and that is how it reach out for food particles from the water column.

The good thing is leather corals are photosynthetic which means they will get most of their energy from just photosynthesis. You don’t have to direct feed!

As time goes by, it tends to close its polyps and has a shiny smooth skin surface. Fraid not, as long there’s flow it will help the leather to shred its skin.

They are also known to be hardy but I kept mine under this parameter and is doing very well.

  • No3 10PPM
  • Po4 0.25
  • Calcium 450
  • MG 1350
  • KH 8
  • PH 8
  • 1.025 Salinity

In my experiences they tend to be more luminous under strong par as the light will expel the Zooxanthellae in them BUT do not have too strong light or direct focus light on them as it will bleach the leather turning it to white or might even cause it to die from stress due to prolong strong lighting.

However, I notice that they tend to do better under medium flow than high flow, as it seems like they will not have pressure from the flow and able to expand and grow faster.

Leathers are also easy to propagate by propagating with either sharp scissors or knife and leave their branches to settle down on a low-flow area with rubble at the bottom that help it to heal itself and attached to the new ruddle.

Another common method for securing the leather coral is by using a rubble band to secure it to a liverock until it encrusted or tieing a fishing line over it. (In the future I’ll do a video on it!)

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Photo Credit to Iwarna

Thanks to Iwarna Aquafarm, I’m able to shop from my home to have Auzzie Sinularia deliver to me.

You can visit them below:

Aquarium Iwarna Pte Ltd

70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518234

That is it for this article. There are still so many beautiful soft coral to collect for. So watch out this blog space for me to share with you this amazing corals!

Beautiful Toadstool that is also another kind of leather coral.