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How to DIY your own protein skimmer with less than a dollar

How to DIY your own protein skimmer with less than a dollar

You must be kidding me, but some time to DIY a skimmer can be relatively simple without cracking our head while having fun of it and watching your little invention skimming!

** Picture credit to DesLeow

A member of our forum posted his tank with his DIY skimmer using simple equipment which consists of just a simple Plastic Mineral water bottle and a Wooden Air Diffuser. All you need was ;

  • Mineral water bottle
  • Wooden Air Diffuser
  • Air pump

Within a min, you are all set to try out your DIY skimmer. How’s about the performance of it? Well, we shall leave it to you to review on it, but it should be meaningful for only a small tank with minimum bio-load.

DIY water bottle nano protein skimmer by teaseopossum

We also found a video online which show the performance of his DIY which look a little bit impressive for something that may cost less than a buck? What else can you ask for 🙂

Larry Ng

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