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Welcome to Singapore Reef Club !!

Welcome to Singapore Reef Club ( SRC ) - Singapore's Largest Reefing Community !!! We are an online discussion community which aim to provide quality information about setting up and up keeping a marine reef aquarium.

Learn all about setting up a successful Marine Fish and Coral Reef Aquarium and make some friends here.

Oue goal is to educate " Responsible Reefing" which we hope by educating the public about this hobby, we are be able to create greater awareness of the fragility of our coral reefs as well as loving each and every living fish / corals we purchase. We welcome all local and oversea friends to our friendly community , and Register now for Free !

SRC latest Tank of the Quarter (TOTQ) winner - ezman - Beautiful Nano Mixed Reef Tank .

We are pleased to showcase this quarter TOTQ winner - PeeBee beautiful Mixed Reef Tank.

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FAQ For setting up a new marine tank

Frequent Asked question for Newbie ( FAQ ) I have heard alot of people saying that it is expensive to setup a marine tank is that true ? Setting up a marine aquarium do require more equipment and knowledge in maintaining the water condition, howeve...

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Keeping Mantis Shrimp

Apr 24 2012 12:00 AM | Harlequin Mania in Article on Marine Fish

When considering the terrors of the deep, we usually think of animals like sharks, killer whales, giant squid, and other monsters seemingly able to gobble us up whole. While it's admittedly more fun to romanticize these immense beasts as a reason...

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Acanthurus Achilles Tang ( The most handsome ta...

Mar 23 2012 12:00 AM | Harlequin Mania in Article on Marine Fish

Other Common Names: Achilles Surgeonfish. Hawaiian Name: Pa-ku-'i-ku-'i Scientific Name: Acanthurus achilles (Shaw, 1803) The Achilles Tang is often highly sough after and said to be the most handsome tang in the aquarium . Identification...

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Tank cycling 101

    Photos ref :     TITLE:  Tank cycling 101    Tank cycling 101 is a very important aspect that you must consider when you have a marine aquarium or when you are setting up a marine tank for the purpose of reefing....

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Important of Live Rock in a Marine tank setup

As a marine hobbyist, we cannot denial the important of Live rock not only as ascetic wise but only as a important part of being part of biological flirtation in our marine aquarium. It also provide natural hiding space for fish to feel secure as well...

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How to keep your aquarium cool in a Hot day ?

How to keep your aquarium cool in a Hot day ?   When setting up a marine tank , the question that most people have on their minds is how to keep your aquarium cool especially if you are living in a tropical country . Marine fishes and coral requir...

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Electricity saving tips for your Aquarium tank

Electricity saving tips for your Aquarium tank With the increase in electricity bills , it is smart to take some time to think about how we can save some electricity bill while maintaining our beautiful aquarium. You can start of with carefully se...

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Most expensive aquarium in the world

May 16 2011 04:00 PM | CFOh in Worldwide Reefing News

Below articles from bettabits.com & PracticalFishkeeping Issue 4 April 2011 Is this the most expensive aquarium in the world? Personally I think this probably is the most expensive aquarium in the world, with solid 24ct gold, mammoth tusk a...

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Plasma lighting for Aquarium

May 18 2011 04:00 PM | Harlequin Mania in Reefing Equipments

Is plasma lighting starting the new era of Aquarium lighting to replace the ever popular LED lighting ? Do check out below video of the plasma lighting technology being tested over a reef aquarium. These small tic-tax sized lamps tout up to 140 lumens...

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How to get rid of pests in your Marine tank

How to get rid of pests in your tank   How to get rid of pests in your tank is something that should always be on your mind when you are setting up a marine tank for the first time.    Are there hitchhikers in your marine aquarium?...

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Selecting suitable lighting for your reef tank

  Selecting a suitable lighting set for your reef tank is something that you must not forget when you are setting up a marine tank or marine aquarium for reefing. Especially when lighting play an important in a reef tank where corals need suitabl...

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SRC Tank of the Quarter Winner !! - Bel...

Mar 30 2012 12:00 AM | Harlequin Mania in SRC Tank of the quarter

Singapore Reef Club (SRC) is proud to featured this quarter (March 12 ~ June 12) Tank of the Quarter ( TOTQ ) winner .Bellina Yu aka (Bellinayu) beautiful SPS dominated mixed reef tank to be be showcase . Brief Introduction of your history of...

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New test kit from D-D - Setting new standard fo...

May 31 2011 04:00 PM | Singapore Reef Club in Products Review

The newly launch high sensitivity test kit from D-D bought in by Reef Depot is setting the new standard for test kits. With it's tastefully design air tight storage box , The full range of test kit include testing kits for Iodine, Nitrate, Phospha...

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Beginner guide to keeping corals

Beginner guide to keeping corals in your marine aquarium is essential     The dream of keeping beautiful coral tank at home might be one of the main reason why you started on this hobby. This beginner guide to keeping corals in your marine aq...

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How to lower phosphate in your aquarium

Phosphates (P04) and nitrate (N03) are the primary nutrient source for many forms of unwanted algae growth in your tank, particularly green hair species, so when concentrations of phosphate are allowed to accumulate in an aquarium, it opens the door fo...

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