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  1. Correction Gouldian. I am here in SRC as a regular member, my moderator status does not have any standing in this forum. In this forum, I am just a regular member. I did not receive any special privilege from the former nor the current SRC administrator. I am also a member over at RC and a few other marine forum with the same initials. It seems to me there are hostilities against my presence in this forum. In trying to seek clarification by asking question, I inadvertently struck a raw nerve, which wasn't intentional. My membership began when this forum 1st started. I became a member here before I was asked to become a moderator over at AquaticQuotient. I joined this forum, SRC, on the 8th of September 2003. I was promoted as a moderator over at AquaticQuotient on the 7th April 2005. You could check my profile here in SRC. I was in charge of the equipment section at AQ and am currently still holding this position. Some of you might remember a member by the nick Kelstorm. He was the leading marine moderator on AQ, the pioneer marine moderator. Under his guidance, I started ' reefing ' under him and my 1st marine tank was commissioned sometime in the year 2006. Little did I know that I would be replacing him when he left AQ to pursue his career. I do not believe in inter forum transgression. It does not benefit anybody. To prevent this, I have no choice but to end my membership here in this forum. Larry, Gouldian and Terryz, thank you for accommodating me. Thanks also to those who posted likes on my replies. I am truly sorry to not be able to repeat the same to yours too. Yours Truly, BFG aka Mohamad Rohaizal.
  2. Hmmm, I thought I contributed by alerting you of some multi-nicker here in the past as well as answer some post in the forum as other member has. Nice move using the signature over from AQ, but it really goes like this- If you've learnt, teach, if you have, give. Herein lies the end of the lesson.
  3. Correction, AquaticQuotient is a forum for freshwater planted tank. Yes, we do not condone abbreviation as some members might not understand such language. Larry, yes, I am a moderator over at AquaticQuotient but that has no basis over my presence here. In SRC, I am just a normal member who struggle to maintain his marine tank. I see a member here ask a question, which in turn got me curious and I too ask some question to find out more. Did I do something wrong here? Can't I ask question just because I am a moderator from another forum?
  4. Larry, it's about supply and demand plus customer service too. Not enough demand, supply will go down. Hence the lesser marine lfs. Happening in the freshwater area too but that area is worst off. I believe pricing is the key in patronage but there are lfs that bucks the trend. Cost of living too play a part, if utilities bill keep rising, the average joe have to maneuver to keep expenses down, hence spending more to buy lower wattage equipment which cost more but then they have little remain to spend on livestock. If this goes on, lesser reefer will exist which in turn support less lfs. Back to the topic. Hope the forum keep doing the good job it is doing but expect curiosity from the forum member to exist as enquiring minds are good and benefit the forum. Where would a forum be without their members? With the good comes the bad too, like in the real world. So let's start off with getting the question answered and then move on.
  5. Just read this today, I laugh so hard !!! I wish she would meet you! I want to be there when it happens ! Lol !!!
  6. Ah, I've found the page but something weird. There are no cut off date from one entry to the other. Nobody knows who voted for who. So, if the number of mods outweigh the number of voters, the tank the mods choose would be TOTQ right? Yeah, I did not read. But I read this and wonder. The last decision will be done by admin and mods group which comprises of reefers who have liking for different theme tank and have kept different theme tank before and I think it is fair enough. Getting members to vote is going to cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience to us, such as gathering member to vote for own friends and getting friends to join just to vote. Why ask us to vote and turn around and tell that IT cause a lot of trouble and inconvenienced you? Accusing us of " gathering vote for own friends and getting friends to join us to vote ". Sorry to ask you of this but where is the proof? Are all reefer crooks? On my end, I would not ask friends I know to vote for TOTQ as that is considered as wrong. And I dont know why is this taken as a competition and getting all railed up over it.. Reefers are passionate about their hobby. But only a few of us ask some question, we were not " getting railed up over it ". Just asking to get answer. If we keep quiet, we don't learn anything. Jealousy? No, not from me, my tank sucks big time. Honestly, been in this hobby for 6 years but have not reach levels where reefer can admire. The TOTQ is still in the budding stage, if it is causing so much distressed to members and so much jealousy among reefers, we are open to bring it down again and back to minding our own business and not providing a way for reefers to share their successful tank and knowledge with the community. We share so that we can improve and progress as a community, but here people are doubting if everything is fair and wants everything to be transparent, not everything can be transparent.. I count only 19 reefers participating in this thread. They are- Firestarter, Solo77, Harlequin Mania, Sherman, Myself ( BFG ), Mokyc, YellowTang, I love angel, Spkentchai, Clownfish forever, Gouldian, Baincoral, Flamey, Coolguy, Uncle Jon, Marcovan, EvolutionZ, TerryZ ( yourself ). Some are just giving feedback and suggestion. I believe none are distressed or jealous, just sharing ideas but hey, if by asking question bothers you, feel free to do as what you feel is right, " bring it down again ". I don't feel comfortable being blanketly accused of something I didn't do. Is there any room to negotiate Terryz?
  7. How is it unethical if the masses do not know the criteria of being a TOTQ? Who exactly are the judges of the TOTQ? How is the process made? I guess something strike a nerve with those in this thread that this question surface. Can you guess what this is? Is it unethical to seek an answer by questioning? Can we local members ask question or do we want to wait until some foreigner mock us? Just asking only if you don't mind.
  8. Always up, never down. Even if it's announced that the tariff is lowered, it won't be as low as when it started to be privatised. So..........
  9. Cool guy, you nak bawak masuk ni barang? Kalau nak, boleh aku tumpang order? Aku tak ada credit card. Aku nak try, dah nak buat algae tank dalam cabinet aku. Cuma 1 aje yang aku tak tahu pasal Triton Filtration Method, coral nak kena kasi makan tak?
  10. Airfreight in should be possible unless it is forbidden in the 2013 Dangerous Goods Regulation book. Need to pay more for the DGR Certification.
  11. Lagi 1 video tank owner Triton Filtration Method dan led yang dia jual pakai. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=relmfu&v=aY-qhFgNVA8
  12. Ok, Triton filtration method kena pakai 3 Elementz yang dia jual. Tiap2 Elementz mengandungi 1 liter chemical dan harus dicampur dengan 9 liter air rodi menjadikan 10liter tiap 1 Elementz. Jadi 3 Elementz menjadikan 30 liter mixture. Ketiga2 Elementz tidak boleh dicampur. Sefahaman saya, ketiga3 Elementz boleh menaikkan salinity air tank dan mengandungi 105 jenis chemical, yang boleh cover yang reef tank pakai. Tak payah beli garam, calcium reactor atau pun kalkwasser reactor cuma kena ada 3 dosing pump dan tiap2 Elementz mesti dose dengan equal amount. Kalau dose 10ml, ketiga2 mesti dose 10ml. Tak payah buat water change jugak tapi kena remove air tank nak prevent salinity naik. Setup untuk menggunakan Triton Filtration Method harus menggunakan algae tank, skimmer kuat dan led kuat. Algae tank harus ada dalam 10% size display tank anda. Algae tank juga harus terletak SEBELUM skimmer compartment. Tidak boleh selepas skimmer compartment kerana algae adalah important dalam ni method. Ini tank owner Triton Filtration Method. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GC0aXnKQY-E Sebelum menggunakan cara ini, haruslah hantar sample air tank kepada kedai ini kerana mereka akan buat 1 formulasi untuk mendekatkan air tank anda kepada level yang mereka set. Lepas itu barulah boleh mulakan Triton Filtration Method. Ini saja yang saya tahu, google Triton Filtration Method ataupun pegi forum ultimatereef dan lihat dalam section supersized.
  13. I have a corner overflow tank. To kill the splashing sound, what I did was to buy the thick black sponge/filter wool that are commonly sold at the lfs. Cut them to size by measuring the length of the overflow as well as the height of the overflow, where the water flow downwards. You need to measure 2 side of the overflow, where the water trickle downwards. The thick black sponge/filter wool will silence the water splashing noise. The thick black sponge/filter wool is sold as a large mat.
  14. How long should a tank run before it is considered to be TOTQ? Few months, a year or 2? Maintained by oneself or others? Does the forum contact the tank owner or the tank owner contact the forum ? Do the forum member nominate the tank? How many tanks were rejected to be TOTQ?
  15. Bros, pernah dengar pasal Triton Method? Tengah hot kat UK, German and Africa. Tak payah pakai calcium reactor, kalkwasser dan benda2 lain. Garam pun tak payah beli lagi pasal water change tak payah buat . Banyak thread kat forum lain kalau google. Tapi mesti ada refugium/algae tank dan lampu kuat.
  16. Reason I asked is that seeking a lower wattage pump but with a flow rate of above 3000lt/hr. Started with a 1260, upgraded to a Red Dragon but dragon don't last so went back to the 1260. Thinking of re-doing my piping under the cabinet.
  17. Those that are using the water blaster return pump, how do you find them now? Better to use out sump or in?
  18. Here you go. Do it at your own risk. http://www.aquaticquotient.com/forum/showthread.php/94012-URGENT-Chiller-Problem?highlight=external+thermostat Hope this helps!!!
  19. Sorry Kksg2000, the tank which the Razor is used is not filled with sps.
  20. If I'm not wrong, the led maker made the claim that the led can last up to 50000hr but real world usage is different. My G2 also is in similar situation but DE has an exchange programme on Maxspect product. I traded and upgraded mine already to the Mazarra P module. I even purchased the Maxspect Razor after doing a trade in and upgrade ( had 2 G2 for my tank. ). You might need to order the led yourself if you really need to replace the led. What made me choose to get the new led set was that after using the G2 for 2 years, there are limitation on what it can do, so I went with the new led set from Maxspect.
  21. Hailea tengah up. Tangkap 1/6hp kalau ada pakai tank dengan sump. Kalau boleh, modify tu chiller pakai external temperature sensor jadi dapat actual tank water temperature. Stock chiller pakai internal temperature sensor, kalau pump kau slow atau laju, pendek kata stop start problem nanti timbul. Sama sama.
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