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  1. 1) Ecotech Versa peristaltic dosing pump Brand new in Box. Almost full year warranty Price - $220 2) BUBBLE MAGUS INSUMP SKIMMER CURVE 9 Air intake : 900L/H Size :235*295*600MM Capacity :900L-1500 Price - $150 Pm for details Collection at Bukit Batok
  2. Chiller SOLD. Skimmer still available. Sorry if i was late replying to all the spams.
  3. Chiller Reserved. Skimmer can go for $150. Fast deal collection Bukit Batok.
  4. Apologies mistake in skimmer model. 1) BUBBLE MAGUS INSUMP SKIMMER CURVE 9 Air intake : 900L/H Size :235*295*600MM Capacity :900L-1500
  5. 1) Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer BM-C9 Air intake : 900L/H Size :310*260*570MM Capacity :900L-1500L Price - $180 2) HAILEA HS-28A Chiller Dimensions (mm) : 400x220x350 mm • Recommended Flow (LPH) 250-1200 • Suitable for aquariums up to 400L Price - $180 Both are back up eqiupment. Rarely used and in good condition. Collection at Bukit Batok. PM for details.
  6. Changed to FOC for quick collection and good home!
  7. NIger Trigger 4 inches - $20 2 x 4 Striped Damsel 1 inch - $5 Takes all kind of food including pellets and frozen food. Price negotiable for good homes or trade in with frags. Collection at Bukit Batok. WA 9109 1733 - Steve
  8. Am guessing thats a 1feet cube tank. Started off with this size too Stability is key. 1) There are hang on mechanical filters n skimmers that you can utilise. May wish to water change(10-20%) more often if the latter is not used. 2) 1 feet T5 lamps should suffice, those with higher Kelvin or some blueish hue. 3) Are you using test kits? Do get the important ones to find out the root of the problem. Temperature too. 4) Acclimatisation methods. As the tank is smaller, parameters do shift easily and way out of the normal seawater expectations. Acclimatise them longer and add livestocks only after parameters are stable. 2 lives in 2 days dont seem very coincidental n they are pretty hardy guys :< Hope the above helps n all the best in this hobby.
  9. Your terrifying pressence is my greatest concern. i am partly to blame for you and jeremy getting into sps.. then i ran away myself LOL! sup on friday.. are the fries free on friday? where you guys raiding this time. Siang can you stop sending me those kind of pictures. I almost got sacked by my boss and my gf almost left me.
  10. kiko.. you x2 the tank size! looking good there.
  11. Poison thread with all these poisonous ppl gathering here. wheres your national geographic pic wilson!
  12. wow your tank is so nicely filled now! when can i swim in it?
  13. yes its down..

    and yours? do u have an underwater world now?

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