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  1. Hi Kelvin can i know what is ur best offer for the nyos 160 zai hereĀ 

  2. Hi bro im Interest in ur PBT zai 97641175.

  3. Thanks guys for the info appreciated a lot
  4. Hi reefers I'm using this test kit and this salt
  5. Hi to all reefers I need help from you expertise I'm a beginner in marine tank just set up my tank 2ft square tank the tank have been Cycling for two months but I don seem to understand why my dkh is at 13.9 can anyone teach me how to bring down my dkh on Friday I just change 50 water change n still the same the rest of the parameters are all in stable condition only my dkh is very high thanks
  6. Hi reefers I would like to know is it difficult to set up a reef tank n to take care of the tank.
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