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  1. Green gonio for sale at $35 3cm plug. Pm me if interested
  2. DAY 1 Hiii Reefing Community, After seeing multiple people posting about their own reefing blogs, I've decided to do one too. Ive been reefing for almost 2 years now and my current tank (Nuvo 10) is due for an upgrade. After considering and planning for a long time, I've decided to go for a racking system. The racking system dimensions are 90cmx50cmx200cm. It will be housing one frag tank along with my current Nuvo 10 and plumbed into a sump tank. I haven't got a frag tank set up yet but I will soon enough. I'm planning to get a 2ftx1.5ftx1ft frag tank. I want to connect t
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