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  1. Used to have lots of bubble tip anemones in the tank but they tended to split quite often. The need to reach the babies and peel them off was too much of a hassle. In any case, this is an old photo from many many years ago. Saw many nice anemones being sold recently - red/purple/green haddoni carpets. And others with fancyy names such as black widow, sunburst, acid rain etc. Hesitated for a while as there was a need to move a lot of corals around to create enough space for an anemone. And also the risk and fear of it not liking the intended location. Finally added a haddoni carpet a few weeks ago. So far it has stayed put in the rock structure I put together from a couple of spare rocks lying around. Expoxied a small fist sized structure for the foot to sit in. This porcelein crab moved house from its original rock flower anemone (75cm away) to the carpet anemone one night. Big home upgrade indeed.
  2. Had to cut out a branch of the Bali Slimer as it was shading some other corals & touching the wavemaker.
  3. Upgraded my 7.5yr old RODI unit with better filters recently. For the , I switched over to Pentair branded ones. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and NSF (National Sanitation Foundation Institute) certified. Significantly more expensive though. For filter. Chamber 1 : Sediment Filter 5 micron sediment filter Chamber 2 : Pentair Carbon Block EP 10 (10 micron) Chamber 3 : Pentair ChlorPlus10. (1 micron). This is designed to reduce not only chlorine but chloromines as well. A standard carbon filter will NOT remove chloromine. Significantly more expensive than what i've been using previously. The Pentair EP10 is about $20. The Pentair Chlor10 is about $36. For the RO membrane. Changed to a 3012-400gpd membrane. Rated 95-97% rejection rate. A larger housing was required though. Did a quick check and incoming tap water is 106TDS (hmmm. it is quite high. The typical number is about 70 TDS). Knowing that the RO rejection rate is 95-97%, that means it'll allow 3-5% of measured TDS through. This means the expected TDS after the RO membrane is about 3 to 6 TDS Not using a fixed flow restrictor for the RO output anymore. Now I've switched to using a needle valve instead to tune to flow to optimize/minimize the rejected water. In the pic below, the needle valve on the left is to adjust the reject flow restriction. The john guest valve on the right is to allow RO membrane purge when opened. Tuned the needle valve till i'm able to get about 5 TDS after the RO membrane. This then passes through the DI filter to get a final clean water of 0 TDS. Damn fast to collect water now.
  4. Found the easiest way to rinse rowa in a torq is NOT to place the full amount in it then pour water through to rinse - This will just cause channeling and not rise every bit. Best way is to put a bit first (eg. 2 table spoon). Then pour water in to rinse/wet the rowaphos. Then pour 2 more tablespoon. Pour water in....add more etc until the desired amount of rowa is added. Just after a few rounds, the water turns clear quickly.
  5. Some equipment updates. My skimmer skimmer stopped making bubbles on Thursday 27th April. Pump was running but no bubbles. Found the impeller spiky section broke off probably from the years of shear & torsional stress. To be honest, absolutely no complaints on the reliability pump. Its been running non stop for 6.5yrs already. As always, top notch service from Reef Depot. Thanks Patrick for also checking the pump. Bushings and insides of the housing looks good. Just an impeller change needed. (Saturday 29th April) In between, it was a good time to give the skimmer a thorough soak in citric acid. Super clean. During the 2 nights when the skimmer was not running, you can see the lowest pH drop from a regular 7.95 to about 7.75. Not sure if its related - some sensitive frags of speciosa and carduus weren't happy about this. Fortunate to catch the fleece running out at the last bit. 26th April Last change 26th Feb. 2 months exactly. Love the feeding response of this lime green trachyllia - Reef Roids & pellets.
  6. Lovely! Finally get to see the full set up.
  7. Someone asked me what i'm currently dosing - using Coral Essentials For my 850L tank. Trace A, B, C - 12 drops a day Potassium, Boron, Bromide - 6 drops a day Power Amino - morning 8 drops Power Gro - Evening 8 drops CVE+ - About 15-20ml per day
  8. Some recent prints : Frag rack for clamping onto Euro Brace. Wavemaker Anemone Guard for wavemaker
  9. Some coral pics in blue light & yellow filter : Was comparing corals with a fellow reefer & realized the Bali Shortcake I bought in 2021 looks very different now. Size is bigger but the structure & corallites looks so different. And hence I got a new frag of Bali Shortcake from a fellow reefer. Let's see how it turns out. Hmm...after seeing this pic, Imay have stuck this frag the wrong direction Love the pinkish shade of the Red Ferrari under quite high light. This frag from fellow reefer in Nov 2018 Recent pic of colony it has grown to A frag of it was recently placed just under the water surface. Directly under a Hydra64. Around 700+ PAR. Hoping to get some nice colors. Cautious about the candy canes creeping too close.
  10. This is also sold. Bali Slimer still available.
  11. These 2 taken. The rest are available
  12. 1) Blue Dragon $35 Pic taken with whitish light. No lens/photoshop 2. Chilli Pepper Monti frag $15 3) Bali Slimer. Can frag at 2 locations - either $25 or $35 size 4) Not sure of the name - $35 Deal at Bt Batok Whatsapp 92370381 or PM if interested.
  13. Thanks. Healthy frag from you in the first place. Many more gems to get from your tank when available.
  14. Thanks. My goal is to keep Phosphates just below 0.1ppm and Nitrates in the 5ppm range. However, very frequent feeding (eg. Pellets & blended fish/prawn meet twice a day, iphone size amount of dried seaweed daily, And daily Reef Roids, MinS, Shellfish diet etc) kind of makes it harder.
  15. Tested my water parameters manually over the weekend as a double check against the auto testers. Ca 400 Mg 1440 KH 8.9 Phosphate (Hanna) : 0.26ppm Nitrate : Based on color on Salifert test kit, estimate ~ 15ppm Potassium : Didn't test. Test kit expired. Some recent random iphone pics with blue light & DD lens Chalice (blue light & DD lens) 6am view of Mika's space invader pectinia
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