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  1. Exciting days ahead!! I noticed you commented about using kalkwasser with ATO. In your case, as you do not have corals, Ca & KH should not reduce as it is not consumed. But by adding kalk, you may be continuously increasing Ca & Alkalinity. Personally, i won't be bothered with pH (don't chase the numbers). Without corals, just use fresh water for ATO. Regarding biodiversity, don't add live rocks from LFS. They are loaded with pests and risk doing more harm than good. In any case, once you add corals, you will get 'new' bacteria anyway. If you are 'kiasu', just add different b
  2. I've started to journey into the microscopic world of the reef tank. Invested in a good microscope with a camera hooked up. Its great to be able to pinpoint issues and apply the correct fix. For example : Is this dinoflagellates or diatoms? What kind of algae is this? Or be able to identify various parasites. For a start, many have experienced brown jelly disease on hammer & torch corals. The common advise is to discard it immediately as the brown jelly can spread. Another common advise is to dip the coral with coral dip or with iodine to disinfect it. This post hopes to g
  3. There could be various reasons. But one likely one is that it is bleaching due to excessive light. Gonio generally prefer low light conditions. From the picture, it seems to be placed at a location that's bright enough for SPS/Monti. Perhaps its too bright. Would suggest to bring it to a more shaded spot.
  4. UFO chalice, Golden branching hammer & Bali Slimer taken. Left with bicolor branching hammer 2 heads. As seen in pic :
  5. UFO chalice & Golden branching hammer taken. Still available : Branching Bi Color hammer (2 heads)- $50 The top frag with arrow Mother colony : Bali Slimer $35 Multi branch. About 6cm tall
  6. Selling a couple of items. Whatsapp @92370381 or PM if keen. Deal at Bt Batok. 1) Branching Golden Hammer. 2 heads. $50 Pic taken with yellow filter. Mother colony 2) Bali Slimer $35 Multi branch. About 6cm tall 3) Jade Green Aussie Torch. $50 Tentacles are a very lovely deep shade of jade green. Tip is light green 1 4) Bicolor branching hammer. 2 heads. $55 Purple tips. Green body 5) UFO Chalice. 6cm across. $120 Colors will improve to bright pink in brighter light. Th
  7. Definitely a very well thought out design & set up. Hope to swing by one day
  8. I shared about washing the sulfur reactor 2 weeks ago which in a way 'reset' it and needed to be cycled again. The drip rate today (about 2 weeks since) is almost back to original state. As can be seen by the Mastertronic's nitrate table history (read from bottom to top). Nitrates running around 7.6ppm now. Not bad. I'm a firm believer to feed more to the tank. Just have a better nutrient export system to handle the extra load. Aside from the regular pellets (2x a day), nori seaweed (about 2-3x a day since there are quite a few Tangs), a cube of home made fish/prawn minc
  9. Went through the very dreaded task of rinsing the sulfur reactor last weekend. Saved up 3 buckets of tank water during water change to rinse the mulm off the sulfur beads. Nevertheless, the reactor needs to go through the cycling process again (hopefully shorter cycle) In the process, the ceramic shaft of the pump was found to be broken. Good thing a spare was available in my stash of spare parts. A good time after that to put up the hammock & relax. From Airmocks : https://www.airmocks.com/
  10. Quick update on the Mastertronic. Its expected to be a crazy busy year on my side, so having a Mastertronic will be critical to ensure the fundamental water parameters are kept in view. Installed on 18th February and have been testing it the past few weeks first before giving an update here. Sitting next to the tank. The tubes are standard 2m in length and should not be altered. 1 tank water inlet, 1 RODI inlet (for rinsing) and 1 waste water outlet (into a waste bucket). Test kits used. This should last about 6 months. Reagents loaded in the carousell.
  11. Left side is under the center bracing. Its generally brighter on the right side (under a Hydra64 fixture), perhaps that contributes to the slightly different growth pattern.
  12. Some coral pics from today Tunicate. Not very popular/common in the hobby because they are supposed to be quite hard to keep alive. This particular one has been at Iwarna for many months & assume this species may be possible. Tunicates are non-photosynthetic but do need to be placed in a place with good flow in order to catch Tunicates are filter filters that take in water through their pharynx Recent Horrida frag from Reefing Reality. Quite a good selection of frags at RR & many LFS recently Another Horrida
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