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  1. Was looking at some old photos of the original design of the electrical panel..... so neat. Pic taken back around Nov 2016 5.5yrs later, it looks like this Its probably time to change out the Apex Neptune 'Brain' and do massive cable house keeping. Want to incoprate more buttons to the breakout box to trigger some automation, perhaps some flow sensors etc. Still in the brainstorming phase. A quick tank pic. Pardon the dirty glass (not cleaned for a week) Also time to print a larger frag disc extension for the chalice.
  2. Sometimes I just do this to 'clean' the wavemaker. Power off, remove the cage & clip it onto a seaweed holder. Then just let the tangs and algae blenny do the cleaning up. In this pic, you can see loads of algae growing in the wavemaker. After about an hour, its all cleaned up. On the topc of cleaning up - I went to reefer's place the other day & used his glass cleaner (not sure of the brand). Magnet not strong & required many many strokes to clean the glass. Just wanted to appreciate how good this Blade Runner glass cleaner I'm using is. Magnet very strong. Just 1 to 3 strokes to get a week's worth of algae off. Also because it does not have a scrub pad on the inside, there is almost no risk of getting sand trapped (which can scratch the glass). Though It does not float, it is is buoyant (falls down very slowly). In the past year, its never disconnected and fallen to the sandbed before.
  3. Gave my sulfur reactor a good clean last week. The pump was making funny noises & the effluent output tended to clog quite often. This is what the pump looked like inside I think it was last washed in Jan 2021 Gave the media a good rinse with old tank water & re-started the cycle again. Nice & clean again. Also time to replace the ORP probe.
  4. Time to change the fleece on the Clarisea Since 29th December => 3 months 19 days. I've received quite a few similar queries - Is the Clarisea Gen 3 good? I'd say better than the earlier versions. I'd say a big improvement over Gen2 (less friction & hence easier to pull the entire roll of fleece). And minor improvement over the Gen 2.5. - How come my fleece can last so long? I raise my Clarisea as high as possible until the outlet pipe is just below the water surface. Raise with either the provided holder, or just simply rest it on a raised basket (this is what i'm doing). The higher pressure will push the water out more efficiently & reduce the frequency of triggering the float switch. Also, I open by bypass valve about 30% as I don't want to over filter the water. Here are some pics Using a ceramic knife (from Daiso) to cut the fleece. To detach the motor side Using the provided tool, push down hard Used roll detached. Easy A good time to remove the float switch for a scrub. If you ever remove the C clip (not necessary though), do note that there is a correct orientation for the float. The side with the "+" sign faces the C clip. Cut a notch to re-attach the fleece to the motor side Then attach the new roll using stapler. Even though the stapler method isn't a very elegant solution, but for most users like us that do not have much sump space, its a very feasible & practical method to do a roll change. A good time to turn off the skimmer as it'll tend to overflow a while when a lot of new fleece material contacts the water. Then advance the fleece till the staplers are just above the water level. Don't want it rusting withn the next hours if its under water.
  5. Did some housekeeping with 3D printed parts. Using this old RODI canister to hold aragonite media for the sulfur reactor effluent. Secured onto a partition/panel of the sump A couple of hose clips for the air inlet/outlet of the skimmer. I've run out of CO2 absorbtion media (for the recirculating CO2 reactor), so fresh air to the skimmer is still taken from outside the sump. Attaching it here neatly to the table near the window. The air outlet of the skimmer vents outside the sump as well. Current tank pH chart (without CO2 reactor)
  6. Someone messaged me about what I feed my corals (especially SPS) and concerns about getting the water dirty. In general I feed Reef Roids on alternate days. Usually in the early morning ~ 6.30am when the coral feeding tentacles are still out. I feed my fish with frozen fish/prawn meat in before leaving for work & again at night. The corals will probably get capture some bits of food there too. Filter feeders in the tank enjoying the food as well : My tank cabinet is a 2nd hand one made of chengal wood. Probably around 11 years by now. The painted surface is quite faded & stained. It wasn't serious enough to warrant to repaint the cabinet so I got this Old English Oil. Did a good job. Not oily when dry. Looks presentable again
  7. In the past week, i've had issues with a large group of corals detach from a main rock. And it became quite impossible to stick that huge structure back with only super glue. It just got too heavy over time as the coral grow. Or even if super glue works its not reliabile long term. Can detach easily with just a light knock. Best solution is to tag it with superglue. Then use epoxy at strategic spots. I used both grey colored epoxy (left over from long time ago). See white arrows in pic below I also got a new box of the purple epoxy to secure other rocks/corals. (see purple arrow above). I was't too worried if it looks ugly. In a months time, a light film of algae/coralline will grow over it and it'll just blend in with the other rocks. The grey expoxy after mixing. Press it into the small crevices or wrap around rocks. Once it hardens, it provides a very rigid structure. Cutting a small piece of the purple one Mixed
  8. You can facebook message Reef Depot Asia with your request.
  9. Lovely Really maximize use of real estate. Not one bit of available light wasted. Can't see the sand bed.
  10. Clarisea Gen3 update : Started using ~ 29th December. This pic taken on 20th March 22. Its been 2 months 20 days. Winding well. Should probably be able to get about 3 more weeks before the end of roll.
  11. Clearing some of the Bali Slimer to clear space for other corals. Knocked off a few corals when taking this out. Wasn't easy to cut with bone cutter. Easier to use the dremel Water change pics : Overgrown candy cane Blue Dragon Royal Blue Milli in whitish light Acropora horrida One of my fav coral is the Tonga pink birdnest.
  12. Lovely. Any close up tops down pic of your fav few SPS?
  13. Some pics from today with yellow filter. Nauti spiral montipora : Not sure of the ID of this favia Frag previously from Alex (Thanks!) Space invader pectinia
  14. Wow!! With that many lights, you can grow anything. Nice choice of fish too!
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