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  1. Finally changed the UV sterilizer bulb after procrastinating it for some time. It was not difficult. Sharing some photos of the process. This bulb is rated for 10,000hrs average life. That works out to about 13.7 months if based on 24hr usage. Longer if used for shorter hours. My UV unit is mounted vertically behind the CO2 tank. Ideally it be oriented horizontally (least or no air pocket) but iI don't have space for that. The next preferred orientation is vertically with the inlet at the bottom. In this orientation, it will have a small air pocket above the outlet pipe which is acce
  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. Look forward to updates. I posted a newbie guide recently on SRC page. I guess you are now more experienced & am keen to follow your journey. In any case, for the others who are keen, this is the new tank guide. Part 2 coming soon. https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/starting-your-first-marine-tank-overview-to-plan-your-equipment-and-budget-part-1/
  3. Can re-purpose for washing oily pans, toilet walls & car rims. Use & discard.
  4. You can refer to this guide as a general reference. Part 2 will be published this week. Corals need cool water in the 26-28Deg C (in general). Corals also don't like drastic temperature or water parameter fluctuations. Ideally you have a small chiller. Depending on where the tanks is located, some can get away with a cooling fan, but take note you will have a tremendous amount of evaporation which is troublesome to manage. Corals need nutrients in the water to survive. Part of it comes naturally from fish poop/waste. So if only have corals with no live stock, you need t
  5. Frag 1, 3 sold. Frag 2 reserved. Frag 4 & 5 still available
  6. Frags 2, 4 & 5 still available. Delivery can be arranged. Frag 2 : $190 This is a small piece but has all the colors on it. Frag 4 : $230 Another big piece (bigger than frag plug) with some blue & green spots. Frag 5 : $190 Mostly blue & green. Right edge has some spots of orange. All colors will form as it grows Close up Video of the frags 2 weeks after fragging. Tentacles out. Mother colony :
  7. Frag 1 & 3 sold. Frag 2. 4 & 5 still available
  8. Feeding the goniopora. Mix some reef roids in a small amount of water till its quite thick. Slightly more diluted than a paste consistency. Turn off all pumps & wavemakers the dose the thick mix with a long pipette onto the gonio. Can see the gonio polyps retract to eat the particulate food Feeding response seen on the millepora as well.
  9. Dip the corals in a small container of water (with the dip). Then rinse a few rounds in several containers of fresh tank water. Then it goes into the tank.
  10. Its not exactly harmful but it does have some negatives and no benefits - Our body replenishes minerals from regular water (and food). Though this absent in RODI water, it should not be a major concern as you can get the minerals from food. - Due to the absence of minerals, the water is going to taste flat - Water that is downstream from the RO membrane tends to have more bacteria (due to the absence of chlorine). Probably not toxic but some prefer not to drink this.
  11. Bugatti Chalice frags. Mounted on 20mm frag plugs. Fragged 4 weeks ago. Stable & growing well. Tentacles are out. Whatsapp 92370381 if keen. Deal at Bt Batok area Frag 1 :$250 Another view of it. Note there is a piece growing on the vertical edge of the frag plug Frag 2 : $190 This is a small piece but has all the colors on it. Frag 3 : $240 Quite a big piece (bigger than frag plug) with many mouths. Its has blue & purple spots in various locations. The corner mouth has lot
  12. Eh..how come my name is mentioned. Very nice collection What's the equipment setup like for this tank?
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