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  1. Golden hammer is back available. Bugatti Chalice frag 1 & 3 still available. (Frag 2 sold)
  2. Bump for fellow reefer. Tank grown gonios are the proven to be very hardy.
  3. Golden hammer & bicolor hammer sold. Bugatti Chalice still available.
  4. Random shots from today : A frag from Alex (Thanks!!) Divaricata growing quite fast. Need to relocate some other corals around it. New hammer addition in the middle
  5. Selling the following. Deal at Bt Batok area. PM or whatsapp @ 92370381 if keen. Pics taken in blue light with yellow filter. No photoshop. 1) Bugatti Chalice : $320 Frag is 3.5cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug Cut from palm sized mother colony about 3 months ago. Very stable. Mother colony : 2) Bugatti Chalice : $230 3cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug Cut from palm sized mother colony about 3 months ago. Very stable. 3) Bugatti Chalice $180 3cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug 4) Branching Golden Hammer. 4 stems/heads. $90 Some stems are splitting and have 2 mouths. Total around 6-7 mouths. Side view Note the above is taken with yellow filter in blue light and may look quite yellowish. This is what it looks like in whitish light. 5) Branching bi-color hammer. 2 heads. $50 0621f42a-e334-40a5-a2d2-bc85acbd56ed (Large).jfif
  6. The one on the left is a prata (from Seasonal). The one on the right is a lobo (from Oceana). Both places gave very reasonable prices. IMO, Lobophyllia seem very under rated. They have lovely colors but not many rush for them.
  7. Close up pics of the money cowrie. It came as a tiny hitchhiker on a coral colony many years ago. Grown a lot. It was crawling above the fiji pipe organ this morning. This is what the underside looks like This is what the top looks like. Interesting to see the shiny shell. And if it feels safe again, the feathery tentacles appear through the shell within a couple of seconds. Top view
  8. Did some quick inspection/maintenance of the UV sterilizer today. Last bulb change was in October 2020. While the bulb will last 14 months with 24/7 usage, its probably good to check to make sure its running efficiently. Specifically, I'm looking out for quartz sleeve totally caked with dried salt - this can happen if the water stops flowing (accidentally switch off water pump?) but UV light is still on. Or hazy quartz sleeve - if moisture seeps into the seals. Checked the bulb. Looks ok. Bulb is clear. Checked the quartz sleeve. The main body of the sleeve is clear (good). Only the top part which is above the water line is crusted with salt. This is normal since that portion is above the water line & hot. Did a quick scrub down with some acid to remove the mild calcification and its good to go.
  9. Found this pest crab in one of the SPS colonies. They seem to survive coral dips. Need to inspect the colonies more carefully in future. Hairy crabs are known to eat the tips of SPS slowly causing the tissue to die off. This crab has been there for about 2 months. Coral looks OK with the naked eye but I just noticed from the picture that the tip of the SPS in front of the crab looks chewed up. Love the Christmas Tree worm. Plan to get a bigger rock if budget allows. Hosting this Looney Tunes Stylocoeniella for a friend. Pic taken with iphone Interesting tip on these polyps
  10. Well done!! Not easy to raise them to this size!!
  11. Soaking the wavemakers with Aquatic Exclusive's citric acid based cleaner. Product is called "AE Cleanse". Citric acid is less harsh on rubber & seals compared to vinegar. Particularly important if you are using wavemakers with attached power chords. At least there is peace of mind when leaving it to soak for longer periods - it just makes it easier to remove the coralline algae. Original condition. Can see the coralline algae bubbling away After about 2-3 hours of soaking, I just gave it a quick brush scrub & scrape (with an old credit card). Good as new now.
  12. Its been a year since SRC's Stay Home, Stay Safe Reef At Home contest. This was the 12th prize courtesy of Suprem Corals. (Thanks!!) July 2020 : I left them on a frag rack together with 2 frag plugs of Captain America Zoanthid. This is what the rack looks like now. Hopefully my fav zoanthid, the XC Arnold Schwarzenegger, is still alive & hidden between the others. Gonna check it soon. July 2021 :
  13. Got some emerald crabs from Coral Farm recently. In the past, I tried to get a mix of male & female in an effort for them to breed in the tank. That never happened. In any case, this is a male. Restocked on salt It appears I'm one of the very few reefers who remix the salt to ensure they are homogeneously mixed. This is to ensure maximum consistency of the entire bucket. Regardless whether its synthetic or evaporated salt, not all particles will be of the same size. And there is a natural tendency for large particles to be at the top. And small particles settling at the bottom of the bucket during transit vibration. This is fundamental physics - something called granular convection ( Wiki : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granular_convection)
  14. Hello neighbor. Looks good!! @ Larry, i think the blue dragon is the one behind/left of the tabling acro.
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