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  1. Lovely SPS collection indeed. Fish issues? Would be keen to hear more if its convenient to share.
  2. The vertical turquoise line shows the current system time. You get this view on the mobile phone when placed in landscape mode. It looks different in portrait mode. The vertical orange line shows the time you want to make changes. In the screenshot, it shows 1.40pm. That's the peak lighting period so you can see the lighting settings at that time (refer to percentages at the top of the pic) You can also get other light settings from the AI website: https://www.aquaillumination.com/lightsciences/signature-series
  3. I'm using the following setting. You can use this as a starting point :
  4. Love the prata & torch section. New holy grail torch?
  5. Maintenance weekend Clean lens & body of the lights. Wipe off salt spray. Out of sight but not out of mind. They do catch a lot of dust & pet fur. Particularly for the blade, you need to do this when the lights are off & install the grill back correctly. Check that the fan turns freely. The blades can snap off if it get caught when spinning. Wipe off salt spray from wavemaker. Else, the rubberized parts get sticky over time. Top up the CO2 scrubber. More on this in another update. Trim off overgrown c
  6. You can refer to this SRC article by Willy for a more detailed explanation : https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/reef-photography-tips-tricks/ I do the following when taking pics with an iphone To capture the fluorescence of LPS : Best taken with yellow filter. Favorite lens is DD Coral Lens Gen2 for use with mobile phone Lighting : Use blue light only. In my case, with AI Hydra64, turn on Blue & Royal Blue to about 30-50%. No ambient light as this will mess up the yellow filter. So best to take the pics at night with the room lights off (only have tank b
  7. Do share your feeding regime. And close up pics if available. Very interesting tank/topic.
  8. Thanks Most of us do not have the space for a proper quarantine system. Or the discipline to follow through it. My process to manage fish disease : Quarantine. I have a plastic tub (filled with 20L of water) to quarantine fish for a couple of days to monitor them. Usually add prazi as a preventive measure against intestinal worms , skin flukes & paravortex turbellaria flatworms (black ich). But as you say, this is not 100% fool proof. The rest are more applicable to your query. Hospital tank/medication. I have a spare plastic tub / tank on standby in case fish get
  9. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a crazy population of asterina starfish. I think there comes a tipping point where its able to self sustain (hopefully in the long term). When I first started the hobby, I did the same thing to buy sand sifting starfish but feel this is not a good idea. The starfish will be dead in a few days & continue to be in the water for longer periods for the shrimp to finish eating it. That fouls the water. And sand sifting starfish are now in the $5-$6 range each. Not $2 anymore.
  10. Using Olympus EM5 MK1 (there is a new version out now) + Olympus 60mm macro lens. Pics from outside the tank of course. Here are more fish pics :
  11. This piece started as a single stem stuck to the back wall of the tank several years back. It merged with another pink digi & reached the water surface. Then hair algae started to grow there. Snip snip....and this piece goes back to the back wall. Got this new frag cutter from ReefmarketSG recently. The black layer is some kind of plasma deposition coating (if I heard it correctly). I suppose this gives the stainless steel cutter an additional layer of protection against rust. And its pretty sharp. Didn't realize how blunt my old frag cutter was un
  12. Looking forward to updates! Welcome to the hobby. However, I would suggest starting the thread in another section of the forum under "Members Tank & Specs". This is the best place to document your journey into this fun & interesting hobby. (https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/forum/34-members-tank-amp-specs/)
  13. Added some new fish recently. Flavo anthias And a couple of blue eye anthias Cultured baby brine shrimps to feed the flavo anthias. Just to get them to eat something for a start before weaning them over to LRS Frenzy. Added a 2nd chamber of sulfur to keep nitrates down. This is also in prep to cycle some media as I plan to wash the original reactor/chamber soon.
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