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  1. Hailea is not bad

  2. Hi bro thanks for the advise appreciated a lot.
  3. Okay bro thank you appreciated a lot cheers
  4. Hi bros and seniors of SRC. what is the best way to distill tap water using DI Unit or RODI Unit.
  5. Thanks bro but I hear from some guys that hailea chiller after sometime will make noise is it true and any service centre in Singapore.
  6. Thanks for the info bro appreciated alot
  7. Hi bros and seniors of SRC. can I know what is the best test kit on market to check on water parameters.
  8. Hi bro thanks for the info on the chiller appreciated a lot
  9. Hi guys I’m a newbie can I know what is chiller brand and horse power is suitable for a 3ft by 2ft by 2ft tank size.
  10. Hi Kelvin can i know what is ur best offer for the nyos 160 zai here 

  11. Hi bro im Interest in ur PBT zai 97641175.

  12. Thanks guys for the info appreciated a lot
  13. Hi reefers I'm using this test kit and this salt
  14. Hi to all reefers I need help from you expertise I'm a beginner in marine tank just set up my tank 2ft square tank the tank have been Cycling for two months but I don seem to understand why my dkh is at 13.9 can anyone teach me how to bring down my dkh on Friday I just change 50 water change n still the same the rest of the parameters are all in stable condition only my dkh is very high thanks
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