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  1. Hi bro Michael, Thanks for the info appreciated. The chiller now is with MR Tan.
  2. Okay Bro thanks appreciated alot.
  3. Bro ocean viper, If cause of the gas is there any recommend place which you can advise to go.
  4. Hi Bro OceanViper, Thanks for the advise This morning before i left home for work i touch the area which you mention and is warm. cause i do have a spare chiller which is using now. and the chiller which having problem I have done reserve flushing and now just running the chiller with RODI water and see does it cools down the water is my water drum. as i ask my wife to update me as she is working from Home.
  5. Hi Guys, Need some help from you guys. I have a Arctica chiller 1/4 is function properly like the water in the main tank is not cooling down and the unit kick start every half and hour and the display will show 26 but the water temperature is showing around 28 using a temperature pro to check. and have done the my own servicing like cleaning and blowing out the dust internal areas. i know the agent for this chiller is aqua nautic. and is quite expensive. cause called him and told him the issue and he said he need to check and i ask him how much just to check is $40. is there any other chiller servicemen in Singapore which cheap. Thanks
  6. Hailea is not bad

  7. Hi bro thanks for the advise appreciated a lot.
  8. Okay bro thank you appreciated a lot cheers
  9. Hi bros and seniors of SRC. what is the best way to distill tap water using DI Unit or RODI Unit.
  10. Thanks bro but I hear from some guys that hailea chiller after sometime will make noise is it true and any service centre in Singapore.
  11. Thanks for the info bro appreciated alot
  12. Hi bros and seniors of SRC. can I know what is the best test kit on market to check on water parameters.
  13. Hi bro thanks for the info on the chiller appreciated a lot
  14. Hi guys I’m a newbie can I know what is chiller brand and horse power is suitable for a 3ft by 2ft by 2ft tank size.
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