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  1. Wts Skimz Monzter E Series SM161 - Internal Bought from AquaMarin. Retail at $390. Used several years until decomm. Very good skimmer for tank up to 1200 litres. Clearing at $160. Not for fussy buyer. Collection at punggol. Pm if keen. Thanks.
  2. Wts quality liverocks (dried). Enough to fill 4 ft tank, very nice shapes. Each pc abt 1 foot length. Selling $100 only for all. Free delivery if near punggol. Pls pm if keen. Collection in punggol.
  3. Wts blue treasure sea salt. 1 packet 6.7kg. $12. Foc another abt half packet and original bucket.
  4. Not keeping marine anymore. Wts quality big liverocks (dried). Each piece was selected by me for the shape. Enough to fill a four feet tank. Foc toyogo container. Selling all at $100. Collection at punggol. Pls pm me if keen. Thanks.
  5. Decomm sale. Wts whole batch of 8 artificial corals, LR not included. Selling whole batch at $50 only. Most are luminous and will glow under blue light. Pls pm with contacts if keen.
  6. Sorry, repeated post.mod, pls assist to delete. Thanks.
  7. All sold to two nice reefers. Left 3 brittleness starfish, two turbo snails and two big palm size life rocks. Take all for 5 dollars.
  8. Sorry too many PMs. Now contacting one by one.
  9. Moving hse, collect items by this Sunday. Collection in hougang central, next to MRT. Priority given to buyers buying more items or and special price for take-all-items. 1) 2 ft cube tank, hood, cabinet & sump tank. No need to dismantle any pipes, whole cabinet ± tank can be moved together - $80 (free live sand) 2) Reef octopus Hurricane skimmerskimmer - $40 3) Ehiem 1260 pump - $80 Fishes are very stable, eating pellets and been with me more than two years. 4) Blue tang - $20 5) Yellow tang - $30 6) Cream angel - $25 7) Emperor snapper - $30 (beauty) 8) Swallowtail angel - $20 9) Common clown pair - $20 10) Queen trigger - $5 Pls PM your interest with handphone numbers. Thanks.
  10. Giving away a blackbar filefish (eating pellets and mysis but not reefsafe, esp cleaner shrimps) and a lumi green anemone (must have a chiller for yr tank). Collection at Hougang Central. Pls PM. Pic of fish taken from the internet.
  11. Both with me for more than a year and eating pellets hungrily.
  12. emperor angel - $10 - abt 10cm, has a bit of HLLE on head, not for picky buyer batfish - $25 - abt 16cm, gold & brown, for big tanks only and without potential fin nippers like triggers, filefishes, etc. both not reef safe. collection at hougang central.
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