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  1. Hi all, I have 100 units of home brewed LED flashlight for sale. These aren't your typical CNC alu flashlight. They are specially made from really cool ALTOIDS CHEW GUM TINS (Not found in SG). The tin houses a Luxeon III emitter from Lumileds (World's #1 LED maker), a simple on/off switch and a 2 x AAA battery holder (batteries not included). The LED is spec'ed at SWOJ. 6500K color temp. the LED retails for USD9.00 each + shipping. No focus lens/reflector. The light will give a floodish effect. Each LED has only 10sec runtime to date. I have a mixed lot of 4 favors. Green = Apple Pink = Cherry Gold = Cinnamon Silver = Mint I am clearing the entire lot @ SGD 18.00 each. Any queries, please feel free to post. The battery depicted is AA sized. Have a nice day! Altoids1 Altoids2 Altoids3 Altoids4
  2. RESERVED by chieretung. thanks.
  3. hi all, $80 is firm. thanks for considering.
  4. Hi all, I have 7 x LuxeonIII (TYOJ) stars mounted onto a copper swiftech waterblock heatsink from an abandoned nano project. I paid sgd120 for the LEDs, sgd70 for the HS and sgd95 for the philips xitanium dimmable 25W ballast. this is a perfect setup for people who wants to dabble with LEDs. if you know what these are, you're the man. interested parties, pls offer. GXFC!!
  5. HI all, I have the above lying around. unfilled warranty. 3mths old. is sgd90 reasonable? GXFC!!!!
  6. bro rumor, is the Discorpinnia gressingeri same as what ML used to sell? thx.
  7. hi bro, upgrading sale. I am asking SGD150 firm. no brush kit. Please PM for viewing. thanks and have a nice sat.
  8. phyto with aloe vera bits!! *slurp*
  9. bro naka, is that a triumph in your avatar? or an MGB or volvo?
  10. "Froggipani" T-Shirt order list 1)Ciaolong (M) x 1 2)Yellow fin tuna (L) x 1 3)Marinefish (L) x 2 4)tcs9423(L) x 1 5)shawncel(L) x 1 6)mabro (L) x 1 7)Godzilla (m)x1 8)Derek925 (m) x 1 9) corrado (L) x 1
  11. diabolus, are you still holding on to Henry's book? can return ASAP? i need it for some reference work. thanks!
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