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  1. Hi I’ve sent you a message on WhatsApp on the goniopora.
  2. Anyone still holding and want to sell their old Iwaki MD/MX 70 or 100 series pump in good working condition? Please PM me. Thank you! Robe
  3. Thank you all for those that responded. Found my Beckett. This thread is closed.
  4. Anyone else keeping their old Beckett? I am looking for a tall one 90 cm body and neck included. I am running a 60 cm Beckett currently but I need a bigger one. Thanks!
  5. Anyone still have an old working Beckett skimmer to sell preferably with a large diameter body 15 to 20 cm with at least 600 mm height and 100 mm neck. preferably an old Reefmaniac skimmer built by JoeP. Please pm me or post pic of your skimmer. Thanks!
  6. All angels sold. Thank you for the support and those that expressed interest in the fishes!
  7. Update: Atlantic Gray Angel available All others sold.
  8. Update: Blueface, Emperor and Rabbit fishes have been reserved. Gray is still available. Thanks!
  9. Update. For the regal tang I have to postpone the sale till I can clear the rocks in my tank. Hard to catch him when it gets lodged inside the rocks. Gray angel and Rabbit fish are still available.
  10. Blueface and emperor has been reserved for Raymond. Thanks!
  11. Clearing my large fishes for the return to an SPS tank. Selling my 7 inch Gray angel at $275. Blue Face -5 inches -$75 Emperor Angel - 5 inches - $75 Rabbit fish - - $10 Regal Tang -$5
  12. Hi Jet I am interested to get 1 of the 6105, is it still available? Robe
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