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  1. Hi JD I am interested in your G5 Blue. How many months of warranty left?
  2. Price reduced to $1000. You can view and test. Good for mixed SPS and LPS tanks up to 5 foot/ 1.5 m..
  3. Looking for used XR15 G4 Pro less than 18 months old.
  4. Is this Mobius enabled or still requires Reeflink?
  5. Still available? Is this Bluetooth enabled or still WiFi?
  6. Does it comes with any hangers or mounts?
  7. Are they Bluetooth enabled? How much for the two set?
  8. Brand new price is $2,380 at Specialised Aquatics. Price is negotiable. All LEDs are functional.
  9. 2 channels T5 only. 2 channels Blue led only 1 channel white LED only
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