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  1. Update: 1 set sold. 1 set remaining. Pls PM if you’re interested
  2. Selling two sets XR15 RMS mounts. $130 for 2 sets Can use with XR15 G4 and G5s
  3. Is it Mobius ready with Bluetooth connectivity? Thanks
  4. Hi I’ve sent you a message on WhatsApp on the goniopora.
  5. Hi JD I am interested in your G5 Blue. How many months of warranty left?
  6. Price reduced to $1000. You can view and test. Good for mixed SPS and LPS tanks up to 5 foot/ 1.5 m..
  7. Looking for used XR15 G4 Pro less than 18 months old.
  8. Is this Mobius enabled or still requires Reeflink?
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