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  1. Thanks guys. will go take a look when I find the time. However, I posted here to help fellow reefers who want to sell. so if anyone has a smaller sized anemone for sale, do contact me. Thank you
  2. small size needed any colour. As long as healthy. contact 900345two7
  3. Monti sold to a friendly reefer. Mods please close the thread.
  4. Grown from Reefer Thairun's frag. About 5.5 inches across. Circular Shape. Healthy condition Dome shaped. Not attached to any rocks. Selling at $35. Collection only at Choa Chu Kang Ave 5. Need to clear as soon as possible. Contact at 9OO34527 picture below
  5. Hello everyone... I was wondering, would it be safe to grab some chunks of seaweed from mangroves or beaches during low tide and harvest the pods that live in them? Would they be safe for fish to consume? I don't know whether leaving them in a small acrylic tank where they can get sunlight would cause them to increase in number. anyone with any information, please comment.
  6. Selling at $25 Grown from Thairun's frag. 900345two7
  7. You can get it at liang court... there's a guy in a pushcart selling these at the 2nd floor
  8. Both these colonies have to go to make way for my GSP only tank. They are doing fine but I feel will be better in another tank where their needs are met. The red ones are on a rock the size of an adult fist. The green ones are on a rock slightly bigger than an adult fist. Both going at $15 each. Contact at 90034527 Collection only at CCK Ave 5
  9. Bro, can you reserve GSP 1 and GSP 2 for me?
  10. Excellent Tank Planning.. I can sure learn alot from your journal. Thank you.
  11. Nope I get my water for water changes from the site in the banner. Updates... trying to make a full Star Polyp setup.. Currently with 4 colonies of different colours.. Slowly gonna build them up to cover the whole rock scape.
  12. I just got my saltwater from Reefsystems. Great service. Here's what the tubs look like for those who want to know.
  13. I keep the algae wall there for the algae blenny and the snails. It does get a scrub down periodically. Equipment 2ft tank with 2ft sump I have a skimmer but i rarely run it A resun CL450 to keep the temp at 27.5 to 28.5 running with an external thermostat T5 2ft lights 4 tubes.. 1 athnic, 1 pinkywhite and 2 blues 8 hours a day Unfortunately, my tank does get some sunlight which helps the algae grow. I dose Mg, Cl, and NaHCO3 daily Need to start on some coral food and get a tiny powerhead to work as a wavemaker. Most corals from Jireh, Rainbow ( they are slowly stocking up and arranging their marine stuff ) and people on the forums here. Most of the fish are from Reborn. It's nice to have these fish still alive and kicking in my tank since there's no more Reborn.
  14. Still trying to get things right.. It's a grueling learning process.
  15. yeah mine too... this heat is causing it to kick in every 2 hours instead of 3 or 4.
  16. black sea cucumbers and snails can get at Jireh, near home team acadamy.. Jalan Lekar off old cck road.
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